An important article that shows how and why conservatives are getting erased from everything. A must-read.


Blocking an app doesn’t permanently kill a social networking service, though it places it at a structural disadvantage, but Apple and Google can flag sites as unsafe through their browsers.

This is so true, I have to use two browsers just to get to Gateway Pundit and others. Twitter tweets will open in one browser but not the other. which leads to wanting to pull my hair out.


These people acting like babies!  Let me use their narrative, fourth industrial revolution it’s a dog eat dog world for the corporations. And guess what? You need us Mfer! Your Artificial Intelligence must be saying it doesn’t compute. Let me tell you why?  People have free will and will do anything to keep it. We are unpredictable species, get used to it!

There are other browsers, but Google and Apple could kick any browser off their app stores that doesn’t comply with a blocklist of ‘unsafe’ sites, further narrowing the potential browser options.

Thank you, Anon