Prince Charles provoked the anger of some Meghan and Harry’s fans, many of whom identify themselves as members of the “Sussex Squad”, after he launched his fresh charge against the climate crisis.

The Prince of Wales spoke extensively about Terra Carta during a rare interview with US broadcaster CNN.

During the lengthy chat, Prince Charles explained his new initiatives aims at the protection of the world’s natural resources and accelerate the transition to a greener future.

However, some fans of the Sussexes accused the Prince of Wales of “copying” Meghan and Prince Harry’s recent calls to tackle climate change.

One wrote on Twitter: “Copying from Harry and Meghan again they are out of date boring dull and pathetic and they copy because they have no originality they are sad and pathetic.”

Another Twitter user, which pledges to provide news and commentary on Meghan, Harry, Archewell and initiatives linked to them, said: “Sounds a lot like what Harry has been saying but was called woke for.

“Also LOL at them doing interviews with US networks now. Guess Britain is getting a bit too small these days…”

Sorry to inform the ignorant, but Prince Charles has been talking about the environment in the 1980s. For the love of God, MM and Harry didn’t create the universe; they copy others.


All parties are preaching the Great Reset. You know the one that intends to take away everything you. You worked your ass off for your entire life, and eventually, it will be gone, and you go back to the Feudal system and worship the tech overlords.