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Biden source tells
that Harris advocating for taking action by diplomatic means regarding caravan, pushing for Biden to phone meet with Mexican + Guatemalan Presidents later this week.
Take it with a grain of salt. BUT as I said before, neither Biden nor Kamala wants crises on the southern border. Dementia Biden has a hard time to realize what’s going on around him, but Kamala knows that the caravan could cause a disaster if Dems fail to prevent it from coming to the US border. I see the situation of Harris pushing the senile man to call the Mexican president and beg him to turn illegals around.


I have to post what’s out there to give different points of view to encourage discussions.


George Soros was keen to let these caravans into our country by supporting groups around our country. Are they going against the real president?


Nobody wants southern illegal migrants, and nobody wants the ones coming in from NY. It’s more than Hispanics.


Kamala Harris, at this time, has no power; her role is symbolic. Yes, they should all talk but will they? Remember, the CCP wants this to continue.


PS: Harris is as progressive as they come