I wish the entire Markle clan (Meghan included, and she could take H with her too) would just disappear or go back in their hovel.

Remember the days before the Markles, pap walks, merching, and the overly saturated PR pieces every damn day by Medusa and her sidekick called H?!

Birds sung, roses bloomed, the grass was greener, the waters shimmered, and it was clear sunny days…

Will we ever be free of the Markles?


That’s a very good question. The Larp would string you along and tell you to wait and see. The reporter said anyone quitting the internet is either going to rehab or headed for divorce.  Let’s hope it’s the latter.


MM makes me sick to my stomach. I’m grateful that Sarri wants to post them. I don’t know how she does it.


IMO, I think they got shit canned from NetFlix. Sources said that the money guy is very unhappy with the MM vanity project.


If you are doing podcasts, you have to stay relevant with new material.  Where are the new shows? Podcasts are part of social media.  Is that over too??


Again, more questions than answers.