AMERICA LAST: Biden Set to Cancel Keystone XL Pipeline and Ask Congress to Offer Amnesty to 20 Million Illegals in First Week

How dumb can this man be? He’s doing it for a green new deal that didn’t work under Obama with Solyndra. 535 million dollar dud.

The poor will get poorer while the middle class just gets poor! I know I experienced this first hand at Obama’s crazy gas prices. People start losing their jobs, can’t afford food, property values plunge.  Millions on food stamps and long lines at the food bank.


With Trump, he stopped all of the above. Florida was in a vast black hole. Abandoned foreclosure left and right. The People of Florida will never forget that burn.


I got news for Biden, the illegal immigrants, and Latinos, and anybody from around the world gets to become an American citizen? It’s going to cause resentment for those who came here legally. The Hispanic community doesn’t like socialism, they have been through that, and they know it doesn’t work.  We don’t know who these people are; have they been vetted?


Guess who will work for less?


Medicaid for all, who will pay for that one, continue to raise taxes on the Middle class? Don’t give me the bullshit that wealthy people are going to pay for it.  Yeah, sure, Hollywood will be happy to pay their share, dummy! It always falls to the middle-class. Prove me wrong?