I hate doing this, but times are rough on my end. Our lead sponsor (my husband) is out on workers’ compensation; unfortunately, they aren’t compensating him. We have one Anon that supports us, but I don’t want everything to fall on her.


If we all chipped in a couple of bucks, we could keep the light on. I created this website for all of us. We don’t make money. We work for peanuts, I’m serious, it’s like pennies per day, and it takes us four months to reach $100 bucks.


The site and domain name’s cost is $320 plus plugins, which I staggered so it wouldn’t hurt so bad. We renew in April. We own this site and is hosted by WordPress. They are fantastic with me! I actually get to talk with real people when I have questions. Click on the coffee cup and donate anonymously, your information will remain private. It takes you to Paypal and all donations are appreciated.


The website turned into something cool. We aren’t kids, and it’s cool to find your voice and express your thoughts without repercussion so far, lol.  I would call us Christian moderate conservatives. If there are any moderates left, contact me.


I paid for Author Chat, so please download the app for android.  I would love to have a Private chat with all of you. If you have tips, you can send them to me. Please sign up for a WordPress Account, you don’t have to blog, but we have some great bloggers on here.




Click on the box and follow the simple directions.  Repeat you don’t have to blog to read some fantastic opinions.


We are mainly a bunch of ladies from all backgrounds and countries with a common interest in finding the truth and exposing lies. We have been great social media friends for a couple of years. Become a friend and join us.