And she admits that Biden’s voters were lied to, including her. Biden has no idea what to do with COVID and the economy …

I’m not a Lynn Wood fan or a Qanon follower. I like the truth. I speak the truth. We’re fucked, people. Slowly but surely more and more people will find out who and what they voted for. Do not expect Trump to be in the game any time soon. But it doesn’t mean he is doing nothing. His best strategy for now is to sit back and watch how Biden is screwing things up. And believe me, he is watching. He’s watching closely. He will be back at the right time. The left media won’t be able to lie to the public for too long while covering for Biden.


You’re on FIRE! LMAO, it doesn’t matter who you were following before it’s flipping funny as hell! You’re right we are fucked!


Thank you anon!