We are looking at the numbers, and I laid back from posting politics because I thought we would be overrun with Sussexes curiosity seekers.  It turns out that’s not the case. Numbers have dropped on the gruesome twosome!


As I said, the chicklet can’t keep a cigarette lit.


Anon pointed out there are all kinds of shows on when Megatron begins to whine and lecture to Oprah, the biggest hypocrite in the world.  Let me remind you that Oprah did a hit piece on Michael Jackson whilst letting Harvey Weinstein off the hook. Per Enty, the entertainment lawyer, she paid for part of his defense. If you read this blog, I posted all kinds of pictures with her up Harvey’s arse with potential victims close by. IMO her credibility is shot if she lets Markle and Harriet off the hook with fluff and everyone is racists speak. She will fail horribly! As I said, this is the last shot for Smeggy. We know the money guy at Netflix isn’t happy with her vanity piece. Megatron likes to hear herself speak, so this should be revolting.


Nobody like this Marxist, Fascist, woke speak; they sound like morons! We laugh at you! We are impervious to race grenades and cancel culture.


The Great Reset might have gotten away with it this time, but they won’t get away with it next time. We are better informed and know all the lies these people are telling. China owns Hollywood, and the celebs would do anything to get seen.


I’ve said before that MM used CAA to invite her wedding guest. She was a nobody until she got her hooks in Harriet! It’s all a fairytale that’s about to end!


Thank you to all that visit here.