• Every House Democrat has signed onto a new voting rights act
  • It expands early voting and creates automatic voting registration systems
  • In a swipe at former President Donald Trump, the bill also requires all the presidential nominees to disclose 10 years of their tax returns 
  • It ends gerrymandering – the process of drawing districts to one party’s favor
  • It would make Washington D.C. a statement
  • Legislation expected to pass House but faces opposition from GOP in Senate 

It will Work Both Ways! We are on to you!


There shouldn’t be mail-in ballots unless you ask for one and those ballots should be received 5 days before the election.


Voter ID, because my friends and I, let’s say can run around to every district and vote. Is that what you want? We are on to you!


No felonies because when you commit one you lose your rights, PERIOD!


DC is part of Maryland, no statehood and Puerto Rico doesn’t want to be a state.

The bill ‘breaks the so-called ‘nesting-doll’ sham that allows big-money contributors and special interests to hide the true funding source of their political spending,’ and ‘strengthens the political power of hardworking Americans by creating a multiple matching system for small donations.’

LMAO, what about the big corporation that sent millions of dollars to a democrat super PAC in the name of BLM??


Tax returns, really??  We know how they get around this, it’s bullshit, just ask Joe Biden and all the bribes his son and brother took for him!


Not everyone wants to vote because they don’t want jury duty, so duh! And They certainly don’t want piles and piles of political junk mail!


It’s a recipe to cheat, sorry, next!


Thank you, Anon!