Get the F**k out of here!

Please donate to this important charity! These people are sick to pick on a charity that does such good for the community. I can’t stop cursing, and I’m so pissed off! Why didn’t they ask the charity instead of virtue signaling and canceling a most important charity.

A petition protesting at Brighton and Hove city council’s decision has already been signed by more than 20,000 people.

You morons are going to cut your nose off to spite your face! I bet if we started a petition, we could get money reinstated!


We are all struggling through this plandemic, and people are on edge. To deny them this most important resource is mind-boggling!


Have any gender-neutral people been denied?  I don’t think so.


Thank you, anon, before I start cursing!  You sick F**Ks, Tourettes is acting up