There is something so off about these two in the latest Spotify live stream event video clip.

I can’t put my finger on it. I started thinking M looked a little scared when looking at H. But, no, it must be something else. There is something so weird about this video of them??!!

Harry seems angry, uncomfortable, tense,


I don’t see and am annoyed with M… but, then she is annoying.

Meghan seems timid, nervous, and odd… or perhaps, it’s just an act?

There is something so freaking odd with these two in this video… I can almost feel it oozing out of the video clip. Leave a weird feeling for me anyway.

This marriage feels so tense and odd in the video, for a couple supposedly in love and on the brink of a new addition to their family.

It gives me such an uncomfortable and ugh feeling, and not like normal in regards to M & H.

Any ideas??

It’s a huge PR push to get people on board with Spotify!


Meghan is going for vulnerability whilst Harry will take a hit, and I mean a big one!  Look for MM to throw the royals under the double-decker bus while claiming she is an innocent perpetual victim in all of this. A typical Narc move.


What is happening,  Harry is going to start resenting MM for doing the things she does. Harry will grow tired and beat down. That’s when MM feels she has won.


I don’t see the royals reacting and keeps the strategy of don’t complain and don’t explain. That’s what MM knows they will do. They will take the passive approach while the British Press tears MM and Harry apart.


I look forward to helping them, and I’m team, Queenie. We can discuss the other stuff later.


It’s a script, and MM’s life is a drama that she loves to play games. It’s the long game, and she is about to make or break her with the Oprah interview. Look for more dirt to come out later. She is going to milk the hell out of this!


Thank you Anon!