Oh Boy! This one should fun! I do wonder if it’s going to be autobiographical! We can get an insider’s view on all the Arkanciding events! Or better yet how she screwed Bengazi and opened the flood gates for millions of immigrants to invade Europe.  Or how about this, the pay-for-play schemes she and Bill have?


The biggest one is how she took millions of dollars that were supposed to go to the Haitian people!


Let’s not forget Jeffrey Epstein the world’s biggest human trafficker that ever lived! How the pedophiles had their way with young inspiring models that caught VD while servicing old disgusting men and women! Such as Oprah, Naomi Campbell, Geffen, Chris Tucker, and Bill Clinton!


Oh, wait, the uranium one deal where she scooped from the top to give our enemies material so she could blame it on the Russians!


thank you anon, lots of food for thought!