Between the Great Reset narrative’s dystopian dream getting blown to pieces or the two Swamp rats getting what they deserve in an upcoming interview with Doprah.


I’m giddy with delight! We are flying over the target now, and it makes them nervous as hell.


The Woke Corporations are going to be shamed one by one. Don’t buy coke! Stay off Amazon, find a new cable provider.


We, the people, hold power in our hands, stop being livestock and feed them hay and grasshoppers, see how they like it. All of them are in league with Bill Gates. Stick your vaccine up your arse and leave us alone.


You want to shut down our electric grid, go ahead. We are coming to your house to live. You better have enough beer and wine for all of us—stock up on pizza rolls.


The Joe Bidens, Justin Trudeau, and BOJO of the world are about to get everything back 10 fold! This cancel culture, virtue signaling is in for a rude awakening!


Remember to hold the line, and none of them shall pass!

JD 💋