Hi JD and Sarri,

You make a great point about Domestic violence. A lot of the trendy policies being advocated eg defund police, take away proactive policing etc make communities a lot more unsafe and in particular increases the risk of domestic violence and homicide, which is a scourge on society. This seems to be forgotten as an issue and unfortunately a lot of innocent people will pay the price.


Thank you for this! It reminded me of the recent events in one of the northern states where a sexual assaulter went back to the scene of the crime in broad daylight to kill his victim who is black. The cops shot the guy going for his knife he was so strung out!  Kamala Harris showed up at his parent’s house ignoring the victim entirely.


So what can we tell these victims, get a gun and shoot the bastard! At least they won’t have any bail!


Thanks, NSW!