To that person calling you a loser and MM a winner, take a look at Harry’s face. He is the most miserable-looking person ever and has been miserable since the start of the relationship. Who can forget his angry distressed face at Toronto Ig, while she waltzes in with the burgundy dress looking high as a kite.

What about her in the balcony directing the press in the white coat while waiting for Harry, indicating what this relationship is all about. Not to mention the joyous Jamaica photos. None of this is normal. Harry has lost everything and continues to burn bridges with his family.

As for the Oprah interview, it may please her fans but will continue to disgust decent people who will naturally be concerned about the disrespect to the Queen and Prince Phillip.

The trouble with Megs and Harry is that they are so so boring in the midst of a complex and dramatic world. Every time they try to make a splash something big happens taking over the headlines, and they look duller than ever. This time they have released the podcast promotion but it’s overshadowed by the Tiger Woods accident.


Awesome! Thanks for sticking up for all of us!