Why are you still reporting on Meghan? She won – you lost. She’s living her dream, and more people will love her after the Oprah special. The Royal Family will lose support after it.


The same troll tried on tumblr to put me down. Do you see what happens when you do shit like this? I have to make all MM articles sticky. Just like when MM used to send me anons and tell me, I’m jealous, and I want Harry.


You are a very sick person, and you should have left me alone. You have to be very insecure if you need to come here to tell me this. Afraid you will lose again?


We will continue to post articles about MM and H, and they won’t be good ones. The press is going to crush her. Americans will not care about some rich person boohooing.  There are more important things to worry about, like how they will pay the rent or eat. Asshole!


You’re stupid because I post-politics and give opinions, Sarri posts Royals