Dear JD, how are you?

Harry was gently reminded to get his head out of his a$$ if he wants to have a decent life in the US.


Privacy is not the way to make a living in LA. Expect more interviews, more public appearances … Reportedly, Harry’s tell-all book is on its way. When? I don’t know.


Being pushed around and exploited by the US media is Harry’s fate from now and on. Does he realize it? I guess. But he cannot do anything about it. He needs the money. As you know, nothing is for free in our great country.


Be a good boy and tell us all, Harry. Meghan is not a person of interest. She had told everything she saw and learned while being around the RF. And she didn’t learn a lot. It makes her even less interesting.


Do you remember what Trump said? “Harry will need a lot of luck” Well, yeah …


Hey Anon! Oh boy, I think I know who you are so we better take this seriously.  Is he out of his mind?  Allowing this interview will open the flood gates for better or worse.


I got to tell you she knows stuff that she recorded back in November 2016.


Harry is going to do a tell-all for a king ransom? Are you telling me that’s why Netflix offered them so much money? We all know MM can’t act for beans and anything she has to say will end up looking like she is the vindictive one.


If Harry attempts to do this there is no telling what the Crowne will do, don’t worry about the family. All of this is for money? He is looking like a Patty Hearst victim, you get my drift?


Trump would have helped but now you’ve got Biden and I wondered why Prince Charles wants to meet with so badly.


Thank you, Anon!


PS: does it happen to do with a surrogate for the Cambridge’s