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While we bicker with one another the Great Reset is thinking, our plan is working perfectly!

I like to add to the post a website that is dedicated to fighting back in the United Kingdom against the Great Reset. Everybody needs to sign up and support them.  It doesn’t matter if you live in the UK or not, we need to take a stand.









What does China’s President Xi Jinping want? Four years before Donald Trump became president, Xi became the leader of China and announced an epic vision to, in effect, “make China great again”—calling for “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

Xi is so convinced he will succeed in this quest that he has blatantly flouted a cardinal rule for political survival: Never state a target objective and a specific date in the same sentence. Within a month of becoming China’s leader in 2012, Xi specified deadlines for meeting each of his “Two Centennial Goals.” First, China will build a “moderately prosperous society” by doubling its 2010 per capita GDP to $10,000 by 2021, when it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. Second, it will become a “fully developed, rich, and powerful” nation by the 100th anniversary of the People’s Republic in 2049. If China reaches the first goal— which it is on course to do—the IMF estimates that its economy will be 40 percent larger than that of the U.S. (measured in terms of purchasing power parity). If China meets the second target by 2049, its economy will be triple America’s.


What does China’s dramatic transformation mean for the United States and the global balance of power? Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew, who before his death in 2015 was the world’s premier China-watcher, had a pointed answer about China’s stunning trajectory over the past 40 years: “The size of China’s displacement of the world balance is such that the world must find a new balance. It is not possible to pretend that this is just another big player. This is the biggest player in the history of the world.”

An extract from the above essay. This is a must-read.










How the Chinese Communist Party and Western Tech Globalists sold a Lockdown to the World.






These are fascinating reads and videos, Deanne.
Connect the dots and see how this works.

This is an extract from the above article.


One of the most powerful friends of China in the west is Klaus Schwab, for the past five decades founder and Executive Chairman of the yearly elite tea-party, the “World Economic Forum” (WEF), in Davos, which has fostered the closest relationships with the communist central government in Beijing as well as with Chinese universities for more than thirty years. Schwab is an avowed transhumanist and China fanboy.
Chinese functionaries have been visiting the forum since 2009: then Premier Wen Jiabao in 2009, Li Keqiang as Vice Premier in 2010, then in 2015 as Premier. Hundreds of Chinese entrepreneurs bustle about the forum, including heavyweight Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, and Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei. Xi Jinping attended the WEF-Summit for the first time in 2017. Klaus Schwab introduced him to a globalist elite shaken by Trump and Brexit as the savior of free world trade: “In a world marked by great uncertainty and volatility, the international community is looking to China.”

Like a statesman and clearly under the sign of mutual rapprochement, Xi began his speech with the Dickens quotation: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” in reference to the world after the first Industrial Revolution: the best and the worst of all times. According to Xi, we still live in a world of oppositions today — the once globalist USA has retreated into protectionism, whereas China “will keep its doors wide open” (27).

Klaus Schwab is also closely personally linked to China. His son Olivier Schwab is married to a Chinese woman and has led the WEF office in Beijing since 2011. Schwab Junior waxed poetic to the Handelszeitung that the West could learn as much from China as China from the West today (28).

Schwab Senior told the Chinese news magazine “Xinhua News” that China was technologically on a very good path, but the decisive step would be comprehensive acceptance and “absorption” of these new technologies, like drone technology, in the West (29).


Schwab also advocates a departure from neoliberalism towards a kind of communist super-nanny state, greenwashed as bait for upstanding citizens (30). Every citizen would of course be unfree and wholly transparent, but well-fed with digital distractions by the state in exchange for data, the oil of the future.


Klaus Schwab’s dream is the establishment of a biometric-technocratic surveillance state on the Chinese model. He is the author of multiple books and co-author of “COVID-19: The Great Reset” (31).


In it, he describes the Corona Crisis as an unprecedented chance for a complete restructuring of the world economy and all aspects of social cooperation. For the transhumanist Schwab, artificial intelligence represents the next stage in the evolution of consciousness. He sees ordinary human beings, with all their passions and weaknesses, as a kind of discontinued model of evolution. In the transhumanist bible, “I, Cyborg,” the transhumanist visionary Kevin Warwick depicts it thus:


“Just as we humans split ourselves off from our chimpanzee cousins, Cyborgs will split from humans. Those who remain humans will likely become a kind of subspecies. They will be the chimpanzees of the future” (32).


Interestingly enough, Schwab knows very well that Corona is one of the mildest pandemics of the last 2000 years (33) — only made possible through a change in the WHO definition of a pandemic in 2009. Nonetheless, he sees it as a welcome catalyst towards a complete digital transformation of society in his image, which is for him long overdue. What was missing up to that point was a global shock, loosely adapted from Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” (34). Schwab can barely contain his enthusiasm for this once-in-a-lifetime chance:
“It’s our defining moment.” “Many things will change forever.” “The societal break caused by COVID-19 will last for years, maybe even generations.” “Many of us are wondering when things will be normal again. The short answer is: never” (35).
Citations from: Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret: COVID-19: The Great Reset.


Schwab explains:
“In one form or another, social- and physical-distancing measures are likely to persist after the pandemic itself subsides, justifying the decision in many companies from different industries to accelerate automation. […] Indeed, automation technologies are particularly well suited to a world in which human beings can’t get too close to each other or are willing to reduce their interactions. Our lingering and possibly lasting fear of being infected with a virus (COVID-19 or another) will thus speed the relentless march of automation, particularly in the fields most susceptible to automation” (36).


Klaus Schwab, a true Dr. Mabuse of the postmodern era who likes to pose in Darth Vader costumes, fantasizes about the coming era of artificial intelligence: the melding of man and machine, designer babies, designer organisms, geoengineering, digital homeschooling, smart homes, and cities in which every object will be connected to an all-knowing artificial intelligence — a completely secure world thanks to total surveillance. For Schwab, who says things like: “A world full of drones is a world full of possibilities,”


(37) people are a faceless mass to be managed.
He talks about the “system management of human existence”, made possible through built-in smartphones or smart tattoos that share sensory data from the human body with the internet of things or that could create artificial sensations (38). Or what about smart dust, equipped with microsensors and able to nest into human skin, as Schwab can relate gleefully:
“Smart Dust, arrays of full computers with antennas, each much smaller than a grain of sand, can now organize themselves inside the body”


What sounds like the megalomaniacal fever dreams of a psychopath is the vision actually sought by one of the most powerful players in the global economy, the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR). Amongst the partners of this project are large banks, Big Pharma, the Vaccine Alliance GAVI, insurance, and oil companies, consulting firms like McKinsey, digital companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Netflix — and, last but not least, the Chinese technology giant Huawei (40).


Klaus Schwab, born in 1938, dreams of a “new normal” on the Chinese model — a totalitarian “system management of human existence.” Unfortunately, he’s not dreaming this dream alone.


This is more information for us to see the bigger picture and understand how we are heading towards a dystopian future, Deanne. but only if we allow it.
Information is now the most valuable currency there is, we need to inform ourselves to be able to make decisions on how we want to live.

Thank you Anon for the reminder!

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Another hit out of the park!  It’s going to take a while to pour through this. Good homework. It reinforces what I’ve said that indeed the Chinese will take us over and it will take over corporations and so on. Like a Giant eating machine.

It’s like my mom and I will go through my dissertation and she’ll say to me I don’t know. Well, I’m trying to teach you. Still, she doesn’t know.

Please people don’t be like my mom, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. Everything we present to you is true. What kitty just showed you, you should be scared half to death.

I’m serious, please reblog and we need to get the message out there to everyone!


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