The day before

JD, Julie here. In St Petersburg. Could not get through all day but here I am. None of us can change what has and will happen. Our goal was always to uncover the hidden truths and highlight them to show why MM was an unsuitable person to represent the BRF and Commonwealth. The team has done that for no payment, glory or benefit. Those who know MMs past and have taken blood money to stay silent on details of her past actions and plans to bring BRF to its knees have a very low moral and ethical compass. Of course if he marries HM does not have to give him a title. Up to her.

I agree with you, something happening with tumblr and we had nothing coming in.  I’m so sorry late getting back to you.


Imitation Of Life

For everyone wanting to avoid the TV circus pls try to get a look at my father’s favourite movie Imitation Of Life with Lana Turner. It is a masterpiece! I’ve been thinking it about it this week with the Markle Debacle and it will give you a true insight into that fake. And it will be especially poignant if you are a black woman like me. Enjoy x


Thank you anon, I’m sorry,  I’m late getting to these we are working out some bugs, but yes that’s perfect

Who has to curtsy to the trollop after the wedding?

American “snarkle” asking. Thanks and my sympathies to the British people for a stalker and trollop into the RF.


I hope I get this right, she has to curtsey to the blood Princesses when Harry not around, she always has curtsey to Catherine.  I think heads will roll if she doesn’t curtsey to Prince Andrew. LOL  

Thank you anon 

Body language anon

The TELEGRAPH UK 19 May 2018
Royal wedding body language expert: Meghan Markle was ‘strength of ceremony’
Meghan “was the strength” of her wedding ceremony to Prince Harry, as her body language showed she was constantly reassuring him, an expert said.
Despite the whole experience being completely new for Meghan she did not display a single sign of anxiety or nervousness – while her new husband, the Duke of Sussex, “was so patently nervous”.
Judi James, a body language expert, said Harry performed about 12 self-touching body checks, like pulling at his gloves and wringing his hands, within a few paces of getting out his car after arriving at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.
However Meghan, the latest member of the royal family, maintained complete calm throughout the ceremony to “help Harry through it”.
Ms James said: “Meghan was amazing. Walking up the aisle by herself, I looked for every smallest sign of suppressed anxiety and nervousness – there was absolutely nothing.
“I think she probably saw it as her role to help Harry through it rather than the other way round. She sat with her hand over his for quite a bit of the service as though she was reassuring him.
“To me, she was the strength when it came to the day and the actual performance.”….
(Interesting – when I searched
wring one’s hands – PHRASE
Clasp and twist one’s hands together as a gesture of great distress, especially when one is powerless to change the situation.
‘she was wringing her hands in agitation’
‘there was little they could do about it except wring their hands’


Thank you,  that’s how others are seeing this too. They are putting on a show. MM could have pulled the plug but didn’t want to, it’s a big gamble. 

Why they did it

I understand why people are upset with the RF. You should not become the monster to defeat the monster and the apparent sacrifice of Harry to keep the secrets hidden is troubling. But the stability of the UK state and its economy is no small matter and a scandal big enough to prompt a referendum on the monarchy especially during this Brexit period and the restlessness of the public could be devastating to the people of the UK. Cause even an economic crash – financial markets do not like change or instability. MY thoughts on this may change if we see Harry languishing away in this marriage and this moronic creature still playing her games at will in 6 months but for now I am willing to say we see the picking of the lesser of two evils.


Oh, I’m sorry to hear this, I been stating this could affect markets, and I have naysayers. Whatever the trollop has is important enough to play this farce out. Now, I know we lost a battle with the wedding, I sure am praying we don’t lose the war. 

Thank you anon for being patient


I don’t think Oprah has as much importance as people suspect. The Harvey Weinstein stuff is really upending a lot in HWood – people who were important are now unimportant and that includes Oprah. She is up to her neck in the HW scandals. Oprah is in no position to be throwing any criticism at the RF. She introduced girls to HW.
When you get down to it – none of the celebs at the wedding were really A listers or even B listers. Oprah is cooked, Clooney hasn’t has a successful film in years, Pry just lost her show and the rest were cable TV actors. So MM is no draw and has no influence. She also is not keeping her numbers in the press – public interest is not holding for her so they will move on soon away from her. She really has seen all her plans come to dust. All she has now is waiting for the ax to be lowered on this sham marriage.


Thank you anon for your input, we just found out the Fitzpatrick was at the wedding along with a bunch of PR people that may have had a hand in the scam.  What don’t we know is why?