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I’ll check in several times a day, but I’ve got to lie down. Neck surgery didn’t keep me down, but this is ridiculous. I wanted my mom now that’s bad. 

I’ve watched Red Pill News and citizen investigative report on my big screen, I’m staying up to date, I just wish I could capture all the Q anons for you all. 

Don’t fight with the non-believers, educate them


HW might walk free and here is why.

Harvey Weinstein’s case might be too weak to convict: Devine
/Miranda Devine/

The trial of Harvey Weinstein has provided ample evidence that he is a grotesque pig lacking empathy for the many women he preyed upon, but probably not enough to prove he should be convicted as a rapist.

Prepare for an acquittal or a deadlock after the jury goes out Tuesday, because anyone who has sat through the trial can see the prosecution has struggled to prove its case.

If Weinstein does walk, it will be a tragedy for his accusers, who at the very least were degraded by their association with him and have suffered brutal courtroom cross-examination.

But it will be a well-overdue check on the power of the #MeToo movement that was spawned by the Weinstein case, and which depends on his guilt.

What started as a reasonable comeuppance for a powerful movie producer who preyed on aspiring actresses went too far when it mutated into a toxic feminist movement designed to demonize all men.

#MeToo has become a tyranny of its own, a crusade to overturn a mythical patriarchy in which women have no agency or power.

Of course, it’s easy to condemn Weinstein, with his grotesque physical appearance, brutish behavior and self-pity.

But “in a criminal trial, proof matters,” Weinstein’s defense lawyer, Donna Rotunno, told the jury. “This is not a popularity contest. But you have to remember that we are not here to criminalize morality.”

Rotunno has been branded a “traitor to her sex” and a “woman of escalating infamy” for defending Weinstein, after less lion-hearted lawyers dropped out, but she has appealed to the “New York City common sense” of the jury.

At least 80 women have accused Weinstein of sexual predation, but, in the end, this jury was told to consider the cases of only two.

Jessica Mann, now 34, an aspiring actress from a dairy farm in Washington state, met Weinstein at a Hollywood party when she was 25 and testified that he raped her in 2013 at a hotel in Manhattan.

Yet she continued a relationship with him for several years afterward, during which time she had consensual sex with him, attended Oscar parties as his guest and sent hundreds of affectionate messages, some of which Rotunno read aloud to the court.

In the weeks after the alleged rape, Mann emailed Weinstein to thank him for arranging an audition for a vampire movie: “I appreciate all you do for me, it shows.”

“Miss you big guy,” she wrote six months later.

She asked him to meet her mother in another email: “You can see how good my genes are.”

And four years later, she wrote, “I love you, I always do. But I hate feeling like a booty call. ;)”

Rotunno read out another message in which Mann wrote she was “blowing a super-rich Hollywood producer.”

“This is not the way you would characterize your relationship with your rapist,” said Rotunno.

“She made a choice that she wanted the life that he could potentially provide for her.”

The other accuser before the jury, production assistant Miriam “Mimi” Haleyi, now 42, also continued a consensual relationship with Weinstein after he allegedly forced oral sex on her in 2006

According to evidence presented by Rotunno, Haleyi went on to accept hotel stays, limo rides and flights to Los Angeles and London, and sent Weinstein affectionate messages, including one signed, “lots of love.”

It is hard not to feel sympathy for these women, whose vulnerabilities were exploited by Weinstein.

But that is different from a criminal conviction for rape.

The prosecution case raises the frightening prospect that any man could be found guilty for retrospective rape, years later, over a consensual sexual encounter.

It relies on the “Believe all women” slogan at the center of #MeToo, which only disrupts healthy heterosexual interactions and places every man under suspicion of rape.

As Rotunno told Vanity Fair, “Regret sex is not rape.”

Summing up the defense Thursday, she described the prosecution’s case as an alternate universe in which “women are not responsible for the parties they attend, the men they flirt with, the hotel room invitations, the plane tickets they expect, the jobs they hope to obtain.”

It is no favor to women to pretend they are not responsible for their own choices, including entering into a sexual relationship with a powerful older man who can do them favors in a competitive industry.

To equate those choices with rape is an obscene disservice to genuine victims.

But the pendulum has swung so far toward “believe all women” that it will require courage for those seven men and five women on the jury to come to an unpopular verdict, which will be seen as a referendum on the #MeToo movement.

Don’t expect the activists who banged on pots and screamed “The rapist is you” outside the Lower Manhattan courtroom to accept anything but a conviction.

But even if Weinstein does walk free in New York, he has not escaped punishment.

He faces another trial in Los Angeles — and his reputation and once-mighty career are already in ruins.

Thank you anon, I’ve said from the beginning that actress would throw themselves at him. The MeToo movement is corrupt and I posted here the relations with Times Up campaign where they pick and choose who they want to attack. There are bigger fish in the sea that need exposing like Geffen and his famous rape cruises. 

Uncle Harvey is a patsy compared to the Hollywood elite that rape children. Don’t get me wrong, Harvey is a disgusting person but the fix was put in a long time ago, per Enty the Entertainment lawyer. 

Thank you anon,🥰

Oh boy!

Oh boy! I wish some people would have stopped with their “No, its not Harry in the pics. Its photoshopped. They are not in Canada. They are somewhere else …” and stuff like this. Yes, she does photoshop pics. We all know it. But the guy in the photos who steps down the plane with MM is Harry. It’s clearly him. We know she lies, her PR makes up stories, and we don’t know what is really going on now. We can only assume things, but wearing a tin foil hat every time we clearly see Harry and MM in a pic. and saying “No! It’s not Harry” is pathetic.


You are correct! Harry’s in it up to his eyeballs! It makes me sick reading that everything photoshopped and the kid is a doll. It’s like JHC how much evidence do you need! 

Thank you anon, somebody else needed to say this. 


Creepy pire lawyer Micheal Avenatti is going to prison.

“Michael Avenatti convicted of trying to extort up to $25M from Nike” It’s over for the former CNN expert. Up to 40 years in prison is a lot. He was screwing around for a lot time …


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As they say in the bible…it has come to pass

I am an American. I have seen a great deal in our world here of Advertising; both sides…the sleek and the shady. I have seen great products marketed with skill and sophistication and I have seen attempts to market others that are not.

It is without question that people have products to sell; tee shirts, coffee mugs, etc. What is offensive is that two of the most ungrateful children that ever lived want to rake their families over the proverbial coals for “a buck”. They want a piece of everything and everyone.

All of the traditions and history they had nothing to do with building, yet they want to tear it down.

Today, I have seen the ultimate example of what I believe is the latter. We have a massive marketing company here that now presents us with the worst examples of huckstering by the two grifters from the UK. M and H are now marketing thru Amazon (via Harry and Megan’s website) a bobblehead of the Queen, M and H socks and tea towels with the message “Do one thing every day that scares your family”, a game of True or False royal facts with Diana on the box, a print of “Lottie (princess Charlotte) a royal flower girl”, a tee shirt that reads ” Harry put the sparkle in little Ms. Markle”.

The most offensive of all reads “Some people spend their lives being awesome, others are born British”. If, after having been psychologically drawn and quartered by these two, the British Royal Family does not pull their titles, money, brand and any remaining British royal standing, I am of the opinion that the BRF should just sit back and wait for the end. Whether the BRF realize it or not, they are languishing between the eleventh hour and the end. As with all ticking clocks, if it is not shut down, the bell will toll.


Thank you anon, I agree with you! Tick Tock