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This one is to juicy to pass up

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 13, 2020

I should emphasize that she did not say this directly to the person, but the former alliterate actress turned celebrity said to someone to tell this royal higher on the hierarchy to “f**k off”. Apparently the one higher on the hierarchy was upset at something the former actress had done and promised not to do, but did anyway.

Meghan Markle/Camilla Parker Bowles

Okay last blind for the day- Epstein/Gates

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 17, 2020

This billionaire that everyone knows, continues to keep pouring money into media companies and many millions more to PR companies just so there is a very tight lid on exploring other connections he had with the billionaire pedophile. Oh, like the time they left a party together in Santa Barbara and went to a house in Montecito where some “models” were waiting.

Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein

CDAN – Inskip is back!


Blind Item #12

The friend who had been banned from this ginger haired royal’s life is back in. The friend who was banned was the one who set up the original “date” with the alliterate actress. Apparently the actress is not aware of it yet, but I find that hard to believe. If I know, she must know because we share the same mutual back to the banned friend.

CDAN- Blind Item revealed #1- Oprah/Weinstein/Epstein/Geffen/Simmons

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 18, 2020

Lets not forget that the A++ list celebrity knew about the rapist producer and did nothing. She knew about the billionaire pedophile and did nothing. To this day, she loves nothing more than hanging out on the mogul’s yacht. Oh, she had the chance to be a part of a documentary bringing a serial rapist down and backed out. Don’t fall for internet rumors, but do remember what she has actually done.

Oprah/Harvey Weinstein/Jeffrey Epstein/David Geffen/Russell Simmons