DM Comments Dec 16 & Jan 17

Clearing out my phone and found screenshots of DM comments from Dec 16 & Jan 17 thought it would be a fun reminder that we were on to her even before we knew she’s stick.   Thank you for all the submissions, I was battling it out back then with Helen, Felix, Luffy, Harriet from Toronto. I brought many of them back to tumblr for all to see! That’s how I started this off, holy cow!  What a walk down memory lane, Felix would love this!  I think I’m the only person that didn’t get paid! WE103 was PR from the WE agency and he came to tumblr and said to banana there is a troll right under your nose.   I was wondering was …

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PH and Meghan the early days

Pt 10/10 Sorry for 10 uploads hope you got them all. I thought it would make fun weekend catch up for those who are newer to the eye-rollercoaster! I was Deders and I was in the comments every day looking for these names I knew they had something to do with this!  When Ariesruler said we failed her.  Croxton! Get out!  How about sueveneer?  Amoke, there was 5 back then and now it’s repeating again with new names. This was all a game, can you give any insight into this? Please I appreciate this. Thank you 🌸😎JD

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The point of Public Relation

The point of hiring a PR firm is to 1) keep the client in the public eye; 2) prevent any negative stories coming out; 3) put a positive spin on any negative stories that do come out and 4) create a positive image of the client. In this respect, MM’s PR has succeeded at number 1) with minimal success at number 3), only a matter of time before failing at number 2 and… completely failing at number 4. So in all…. would you say the PR firm has justified its fee? Surely by now, KP would be looking at the crap coming out from MM’s PR and also the backlash to it and requesting that things change? Even MM must …

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