Anon submits: Piers Morgan – Meghan Markle should have compassion for her family

Piers is speaking the truth, Sussex Instagram is Tig 2.0 with her sappy sayings that mean nothing to Meghan.


Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., was asked Monday about the prospects of Democrats taking up an effort to impeach Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court and responded, “Get real,” according to a report. —- Get the f@ck real, Democrats!! I voted for Obama twice. But Dems are f@cking up everything now. Everything!

OMG, there is one surviving moderate Democrat! Put him in a zoo, he’s an endangered species!  

They are under the leadership of Pelosi, Shifty, upchuck and Oompa Loompa Nadler. 

My take, they know they can’t beat Trump the organic way so let’s pander to every minority group and import some illegals. 

The problem is most Latinos hate socialism, they know it doesn’t work. 

Let’s try to impeach Trump, piss the American People off. Republicans are the majority in the Senate, good luck with that.  Even if the tactic is to delay after the election. Trump is determined to win back Democrat-held seats. Again, good luck with that. 

Buh Bye Squad!  

Thank you anon! 🌸😎🥰

JD, Mueller DID NOT write the report! He was asked about Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson. It’s all in the report. He had no idea who Glenn Simpson was. He could not answer simple question. Who wrote the report? The STAFF. Allegedly, Andrew Weissmann. Whoever believes Hillary still has a chance needs to face the reality. No, impeachment wont help Hillary to defeat Trump. She was defeated in 2016.

I knew that watching the judicial committee, he didn’t recall Fusion GPS when Jim Jordan asked him. 

Yep, and the Mueller staff was loaded with Hillary Clinton cronies. Volume two footnotes were mainstream headlines. Not to stacked against the president?

Mueller seemed frail and constantly asked can you repeat the question when republicans asked him questions.  I believe it was to run the clock down. 

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“Essentially, Clinton, albeit indirectly, might get one last shot at accomplishing what she couldn’t in 2016 — defeating Trump.” Who the hell wrote this BS? Idiots, Trump won’t be removed from the office if even Dems impeach him. Hillary has ZERO chance to defeat Trump. She lost. Pure and simple. If she is running again, she is losing again. Karl Rove was very clear today “Nadler and Schiff want impeachment? Go for it! Pelosi doesn’t want it. She know she will lose the House.”

No, no Anon, run for office again. Which would be hysterical to watch her lose again.

She is still pulling strings, her code name Evergreen?  Jake Tapper and Gillibrand reached out using that. 

Billionaire Diller said she still has a role to play. 

Her excellent buddy and inlaw George Soros is helping to fund Blue Share along with David Brock. Hillary country anon.

Kitty links sent me a 49-page memo on Blue share.  I also have it pinned to twitter.  They intend to do whatever it takes to get rid of Trump. This will not stop until Trump wins, and I suspect they won’t stop there. 


Thank you anon! 🌸😎🥰Watch Killary tweets 

“The New York Times reporters behind the controversial piece on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh claimed Monday night that key details missing from the sexual misconduct allegation may have been removed from the original draft in the editing process.” NYT reporters vs editors . Well, the Gray Lady is going down.

In this time of cut-throat competition in the printed press vs. SM they sure are pulling the drain plug to their demise. 

I never want to see a business fail for the people that paid their dues and have to pay mortgages. 

This is what the owner of the NYT needs to do, fire all the editors involved with their Trump derangement syndrome. Cut the cancer to save the ship.  If the owner Sulzberger approves these articles then the shareholders should vote him out. 

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