Anon said: Harry and Meghan are idiots

So they get a lot of bad press and announce that they would spend Christmas in America. Then they read all the comments from people who are criticizing them and publish the article that Doria is coming, and Meghan would help in a homeless shelter. Announcing this is just bad PR, and Doria is only invited because of her skin color. It’s obvious that Meghan doesn’t care about her and only likes to use her for PR.


Amen sister!  You got MM number!

MM: go ahead and criticize me now! I’ve got my black mom now you racists twats! I’m woke, and Hillary wants to hug me!

Not going to work the honeymoon is over, nothing against Doria, but we been down this road before. The best thing to do is SHUT UP, but Smeg can’t help herself, her narcissistic tendencies are getting in the way of everything, and that’s your fault too.  Drats, you’re supposed to worship Meagain!

Thank you anon,  all in good fun! 🌸😎🥰


Aeltrileaf submits: tweets from I E T – FARA laws

Anon submitted: Damage Control – Harry and Meghan

Looks like Meghan is using her mother again for PR because Meghan has had a lot of self-created negative press lately.

LOL, okay Daily Mail, doubling down that Doria’s coming to England written by Ruth Styles, which I like and felt bad for back in 2016.

Did anybody watch the Ladies of London?  There are plenty of Americans in England and they still want their turkey dinners. All can be bought in England along with cranberry sauce!  Is any of this necessary? Oh right, race card stun grenade!

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Anon said: HARRY’S NO-HO-HO

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry choose NOT to join the Queen for Christmas at Sandringham, so they can recharge batteries

The queen invited them, and it’s not unusual for Kate and Will to go to the Middleton’s for Christmas.  If they need to get away from the BRF after what they did in the documentary, let them go and see if the grass is greener on the other side, at their expense, of course.

Prince Charles is a pushover, and I doubt he’s going to let them suffer financially.  Has he so far? No

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