Prince Harry should write a check instead of penning a letter!

Prince Harry backs plans for a new £5million Royal Marines museum in one of his last acts as Captain General of the unit before stepping down from royal duties

  • Duke of Sussex called for £5million to be raised to help launch the museum 
  • Writing support letter was one of his last acts as Captain General of Marines 
  • Attraction is set to be built in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard in Hampshire 



Uncle Harvey sent Sopranos actress a box of chocolate penises

Harvey Weinstein sent Sopranos actress a box of chocolate penises before he ‘raped’ her as court hears she said ‘hope he has a job for me’ when she heard he wanted her number just two months before she revealed the assault to Ronan Farrow

  • Sciorra messaged her friend in August 2017 saying she was ‘more broke than I ever imagined, I haven’t worked in years and I have been reaching out to friends’; She added: ‘I am hoping Harvey has a job for me’
  • In October 2017, she spoke with to Farrow at the New Yorker about her alleged rape at the hands of Weinstein
  • In an emotional testimony Sciorra, 59, described how Weinstein, 67, ‘overpowered’ her in the early 1990s
  • She told jurors she ‘punched and kicked’ out but ‘couldn’t fight anymore because he had my hands locked’
  • The actress said Weinstein told her he had ‘perfect timing’ after ejaculating on her nightgown 
  • ‘I didn’t have very much fight left inside me at this point’, a visibly distressed Sciorra told the court 
  • Weinstein, 67, has pleaded not guilty to charges of assaulting two women, Mimi Haleyi and Jessica Mann
  • Sciorra’s rape allegation from the early 1990s is too old to be charged as a separate crime, but prosecutors hope it will show that Weinstein was a repeat sexual predator –  a charge that could put him in prison for life
  • Her testimony sets up the first of several face-to-face confrontations between Weinstein and his accusers 
  • Weinstein hobbled into court Thursday without the aid of his walker and supported by his legal team 




Meghan Markle’s UK ‘Hustle’ Trips To Land Made In Chelsea Gig And Reality TV Boyfriend

“She told me she wanted to be on an English reality TV show and that she wanted an English boyfriend,” Lizzie said.


“She set her sights on Made In Chelsea and worked hard to get in with that crowd. She said that she could only be in Suits for so long and that Hollywood was a really brutal place. She had not made a breakthrough, and said she would feel at home in London.”

I remember this one, she knew she was washed up in Hollywood. Enty said she set her sites on a rich European husband.

“We were having a chat and then she said: ‘Do you know any famous guys? I’m single and I really love English men.’ So I said: ‘We’ll go out and find you someone.'”

Corey Vitello, MM live-in boyfriend didn’t know she was doing this.

She’d become good friends with MIC’s Millie Mackintosh and her co-star Jessica Woodley.

Allegedly, MM slept with Millie’s boyfriend for an introduction to Harry.

Lizzie – who met her on that trip – said: “She was hoping to get a role on the show. She had also got to know TV presenter Natalie Pinkham and Bidders — Adam Bidwell — who was a friend of Harry’s from that trip to Vegas.”

Busy bee getting around all of Harry’s friends, moving in for the kill. 

“She still wasn’t much more successful in Hollywood terms and was setting her sights on coming here to live if she could. She wanted it bad, and she did still want an English boyfriend.”


And her dream came true when she met Prince Harry on that very trip.


However, those she’d met along the way – including Lizzie and Millie – didn’t score an invite to her big day, with Lizzie claiming, “She ditched everyone.”

Thank you snarky Anon, 🥰

The Mirror- Meghan Markle ‘loved bombed’ Victoria Beckham before turning on her over dress

“Victoria has had more than enough involvement with Meghan – first she was love bombed by her, via Harry, wanting to visit the store, and always looking for tips on London, and hanging out in the Cotswolds as they are neighbours there,” the insider told heat magazine.


“Then things took a funny turn. Meghan made overtures about wearing Victoria’s clothes, but she doesn’t give them out for free. She is happy to give a discreet discount to anyone that she knows personally but she doesn’t give them out – that’s her policy.

“That’s when Meghan turned on her, accusing her of selling stories on her – with the really awkward call between Harry and David.”

OMG, The Dems are signing up illegal Aliens! Be Scared! Fight back! Vote!