Doubt there will an apology. I wonder sometimes if it is only the people who are commenting in forums and DM comments who are turning on H and MM, but it’s undeniable that this situation reminds people of Andrew. RF must all be aware of that. What do you think. Many people disliking teh situation or just small part of society.

Many people are, they are more that are jumping to republic, doing away with it, scaring the hell out of the palaces. English want their English rose or a princess from another kingdom. American, attention seeker, this what is said over and over, they as taxpayers will have to pay for her.

Yes, Andrew and Koo, plus Wallace and her defenders are bringing up Camilla, everybody is being drug thru the mud, chaos as the last anon said.

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The way she outed the relationship seemed to have overwhelmed him. He is probably trying to make it look ok, but behind the scenes he is stressed.

of course, not the way he wanted it or likes. I feel stress, feels like he can’t breathe. Overwhelmed is a good word for this, he doesn’t know how to get out of this, he needs to know it’s okay to ask for help.

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Do you think he is looking scrawny lately? Is he so in love he forgets to eat or are there other issues?

Well, thin, anxiety can do this, plays havoc with digestive track, headaches. He’s probably not to hungry, love will do this or lust.

Dr Dee’s advice he should roll a fatty and get stoned, clear his head of all negative thoughts and feelings, lmao

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I don’t know who was dropping those scoops last night. But they sound like something MM would do. She has dated/married established men. MM probably wanted the ring until she went to Wimbledon and saw the British in their nature. Clearly did a 180° and decided to boost her career with that statement release.

Crazy last night, had fun, 

She’s a tough bird this one, sure she is flip flopping it around, trying to both. Wheels are turning there. She diffidently boosted her career, why does she need him anymore, this is what I’m picking up.

Scoop dropper needs to come back, we need some more answers or questions, smh

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What do you think of how PH looked when he arrived at his engagement today? Why do you think he looked unhappy? Was it because of MM?

He looked hungover, anxiety, doesn’t know what to expect, awkward, drained, heavy in thought, of course it’s sparkle and family, the public. So much on his plate right now.  Harry should go talk to some one about the anxiety, bag of nerves right now.

That was my feeling I get from the video and some of the pictures

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