I’m glad I make u laugh πŸ˜‚ u sounds pretty irritated… well guess search YouTube for HC in the Tudor well Henry done a lot r rated scene well I’m gonna watch the show now on my laptop πŸ’» ✌🏻

Not irritated, giddy been up all night with the prince harry thing going on. You really made my morning, laughed so hard, I appreciate that, so thank you very much, I have gander at him.

Merry christmas anon


Hey, i might be wrong but don’t you think William should be with Her Majesty right now. I mean she may be really ill that’s why she cancelled the visit. And its not a simple family tradition that he can alternate. Its a monarchy tradition that represents the whole system. Its duty, not fun. Its to bind the people together. Tradition is the backbone of monarchy. And a future king not taking it seriously is disappointing.

Touche, yes of course he should spend is much time as possible with the royal family, but he wants a normal upbringing as possible. Somebody better give the two boys a major wake-up call. Princess Anne comes to mind for this, she’d be excellent and think they would respect her opinion, she was born a king IMO

Merry Christmas anon, keep them coming

So what’s next for h? Ski trip still on ?

nyc took that off the table, but this circus is still flying high, god knows, wild goose chase to no where, be prepared though, Β we are living through this manic nightmare.Β 

My thought is she going to reappear today, she can’t help herself, she must be in the lime light.

How you holding up so far?

merry christmas anon, keep them coming