New fake account India Andrews

thank you very much, you can tell her writing style

thanks you anon, always appreciated


India Andrews the new Sparkle

India Andrews, Los Angeles, United States, about an hour ago

This woman likes wine, mindless TV, and yoga. Still people throw stones at her. That is when you know you are blinded by hate. Remember the establishment was gaga over Diana because she had the right pedigree, no past, and was the right color and everyone knows how badly that marriage turned out. And Kate has a household full of staff, nannies to take care if the children and a mother who manages the staff yet your newly sainted Kate can only manage one forty minute appearance a week. Meghan works harder, doesn’t live a scandal ridden life and understands the press better than Kate, yet you guys throw stones.

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I saw that you think that things are going fast when it comes to their relationship end, I guess that means I should get my fav snacks ready. ;)

yep, lol, got a box of pop secret ready to go, I was going to go with the loaded nachos, but they’ll get everywhere. 

We should make fun of the fake stories they’re putting out,  everyday new garbage. They’re saying that she helped build toilets now, okay , yeah right, she put toilet paper rolls in the stalls, lol

thanks anon, that was funny