Oh I think CT (Cam) knows this is for hype. She knows who her scoop is/are. -STL

Her new PR team is so hard at work and maybe a little to hard. 

Maybe this is for hype, we don’t know, maybe it’s revenge time, we don’t know. Let’s read away, do some laughing


I know… Y’all will love this one!


When Harry was in Grenada, they spoke through phone and things got bad. (I already said who is my bird) A Grenadine staff heard the phone call accidentally and tipped off a journo that contacted Barbados. Poor Harry, cannot say a word around unknown people. They thought that she would meet him there. The Barbadian press contacted UK that contacted the palace and asked if it was the so called trip before Christmas that US Weekly (tipped by Markus and herself) keeps writing about. The palace contacted him, Harry, and told him to fix that mess. He called her and things got really bad. She said she would call the press, meaning papz (she is stupid as a donkey), he exploded and told her to go do something in Toronto and call a papz or to ask a friend to take a pic and send to the fucking press. And then…ding dong… Grocery shopping in the middle of a freezing night wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses… This woman is a joke, a weekend, not a keeper that went really, really bad!!! I forgot the names that they are using on dm at the office. You guys almost discovered all them, but, NO Harry doesn’t have one, the one that did was Nick!

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