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1. First, I want to say I’m not saying this to you to be mean, and you don’t have to post this on your comments section. I really believed you and nycrealroyal and WE101 or 103, but I’m starting to wonder if they really didn’t break up. The reason is because when People magazine is reporting a Norway trip and meeting KM and Princess Charlotte, it makes me wonder because they would be sued for writing that if it wasn’t true. I wonder if you guys have real information or if you are speculating


Soho house & Co is opening a 250 room hotel & resterant called “The Ned” in an old bank building in London in a few months. Soho’s big draw was it’s private membership discretion. It’s one reason the royals like Harry Bea & Eugenie and their circle have memberships. That has been shot to hell since the Halloween party leak by Meg. Millions have been invested in 17 locations and 37 restaurants worldwide. I doubt they will blink at dropping Markus if he doesn’t distance himself from MM.