Hello St Louis, I’m NYC and she is redneck. If you guys go to prince harry love, a lot that published there is the truth. I know people that works with Trevor in LA. She is pure garbage. I’m getting more info to send to Emily Andrews. She will be busted again, although, a bird told me that she didn’t meet anyone except Ed (private secretary) and Kershaw (RPO), no one else. Harry didn’t go to Toronto, its bs! This story is chaotic. TMZ would have published, they sent people to the airports.

All of us our going nuts, it is a mystery that didn’t make any sense, I had to dig. I can’t wait to hear more.

 Look you are always welcome here, do you want me to chill till you can get to Emily? Don’t leave us in the cold though. Check in tell me a joke or something or email me. Do love chatting with you

So, Forget about it


Instead of being the tater joke anon, I’ve decided to name myself STL because I’m from Saint Louis. Lol

Okay with that, getting chills from the other one. How are you liking the comments thus far, she has 3 names on DM, she loves herself but insecure. Those are pretty good, the one I wanted had to have been flagged, it was bad