Sooo Shady

Hi JD, The Buckingham Palace announcement is so soooo shady. Also, Kensington Palace and Clarence House Instagram accounts have not congratulated them yet, but the Duke of York’s account has. It’s a glaring omission?

Now Richard Palmer says H&M don’t want the public to know who was present at the birth? But Harry is over the moon happy and didn’t seem to be lying.

None of this makes sense. My first impression is that whatever doctor was there, is not willing to sign off on the notice, for some reason that will probably never be revealed. There has to have been a doctor present.

Also, I’m not sure if it was an accident, but it seems that I’ve been blocked? I just tried to agree with Barbarella64s comment on the announcement post, but I wasn’t allowed. I’m a stay at home mom in Brooklyn and a long time reader/fan of your site, not a bad actor. I’m sure it was just an oversight. I’d love to be able to comment like I used to if that’s ok with you.


Hey, Thoughts!

Send me anon with the sign on name, I’ll check, I did a massive blocking for the Russian, French and Chinese bots. you might have been blocked accidentally.

We all want to do the right thing and congratulate but these two, but they have set themselves up for continued rumors for the rest of the child’s life.  His legitimacy to inherit will always be in question. I doubt highly they will ask for a DNA test, but the public should demand it!

The Queen wrote into the royal decree that the child should come from MM body, right? There is none to sign off on this nor will get to see the royal birth certificate.  If they want it so private maybe they should give up Royal titles and go get a JOB!

Harry wringing his hands and the constant blinking is worrying me that maybe he was fibbing.

My two endings were baby was already here or stillborn, but overdue baby weighing 7lbs 3 oz is troubling news.  When you go longer the baby gains more weight.

Now, I’m thinking that it was indeed already born and the pictures that come out were already done. They did what they wanted to do.  It will be amazing to see the baby live.  That’s the only way I believe it was born today.  They already said we won’t be able to see the babyface closely in the shots.  Why?

Thank you anon, 🌸😎👶🏼🤴🏼




More random stuff

Hi JD,

I tend not to be a conspiracy person, so I don’t think that the DM is colluding with her. The British are more reserved in what they say than Americans, so the criticisms all come from reading between the lines, and as you just said in K’s post, she either is too dumb to figure it out or wears it like a badge of honor. I loved Jan Moir’s piece in the DM tonight, and Piers said it reservedly. Maybe they are getting pressure from BP to hold off?? The RF is woefully unprepared for MM and her army of social justice warriors. They won’t be able to make her care about things that have no value for her (like approval from HM or the public or the press).

Ok, so this might sound weird, but I think the Express is signaling to us readers what they really want to say without actually saying it. If you read tonight’s headlines, they say everything. The actual stories cover completely different subjects, but I think they might be cluing us into what’s going on behind the scenes. This might be wishful thinking, but here they are: “Meghan Markle WARNING: How the Queen ‘is worried about NIGHTMARE situation with Duchess’,” “How ANGRY William had to protect ‘harassed’ Kate,” “Meghan Markle latest: Will birth of baby trigger further DRAMA?,” “Meghan Markle WARNED about baby shower – ‘Not the way Royals do it’,” “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Morocco trip hit by VIOLENT PROTESTS,” “Royal FURY: How Queen Elizabeth II was ‘UPSET’ with Prince Harry,” “Meghan Markle baby shower ends in disaster with guests left stranded,” “Revealed: the STAGGERING amount Princess Diana earned from divorce.” Am I the only one who sees it?

Take care of yourself xo, Thoughts


Thank you thoughts, very well worded, but can you see why I ask about the Daily Mail, first on the scene, always taken the Markle’s interviews.  It’s legitimate to question; they do all her merchandise. They asked  Peter to contact me and lie like a rug, no research, exclusions of statements, doxing.  That is not a conspiracy; it’s a reality.

Now, the Express has given us clues that they were Markle’s sugar media; we even got a tip she was using them.  I like the Royal Reporter Richard Palmer, I think he is a stand-up guy, but he didn’t author any of the material written to incite sister inlaw against sister in law.

We already knew that when the story begins with Duchess Meghan, it’s one of her stories, we have been told.

Markle had a heavy hand in this; she can choose to say no, don’t do this, so far she is on board.  Markle is the cause of all the ill will.

I do agree with you that the Royal family are not prepared for the Social Media War. It’s coming; they are setting up the narratives that  BRF supporters want to do MM harm, no they don’t.  In over two years I’ve never received one threat against her, a bad joke, some bad taste, but nothing of the sort.

The Royal family need crisis management, and fast,  this is avalanche headed their way.  The blogs are prepared to hold the line and we will, but we need some guidance.

Let me ask you, how much longer do we have? Give me a good guesstimate?  I need to get all my ducks in a row.

I’ll go get Jan Moir she is really good!

Thank you thoughts, 🌸😎

Miscellaneous observations & disgust

I think she looked tipsy/drunk in the pictures of her coming out of the Polo Bar on Tuesday night. Look at her eyes; she looks like she’s trying too hard to look sober.

I also think the cost estimates of her trip are very conservative. High-end restaurants & cafés in NYC are more expensive than the DM lists. I live in NYC, and there is no way the Polo Bar cost less than $250 a head for food and drink, and that’s if they kept spending in check, which you know they didn’t. The Surrey and Laduree? Forget it; there’s no way they spent only $25, more like a minimum of $50 each. Same goes for the flowers and catering. I think it’s entirely possible that the final tab – just for HER, not her friends included – is more in the $600,000 plus range.

She also clearly did a lot of tweaking while in NYC – fillers, new weave, botox. I think her nose looks different too? Ethical doctors will not do botox and fillers on pregnant women; they could lose their medical license. They certainly will not perform surgery on a pregnant woman.

I am waiting for Piers Morgan or someone, anyone, to write an opinion piece about how vulgar, obscene, inappropriate and out of touch, this trip was. Why hasn’t it come yet?

Glad you’re back JD, I missed you yesterday. Hope all is well, xo Thoughts


Hey, Thoug.hts!

We know how expensive the Big Apple is, where you can rent a walk-in closet for 1,200 a month. The most expensive real estate on the planet and those restaurants and hotels have to charge that much to make money.

Meggie the mercher just had to be pretentious and stop some of the most expensive places and merch her clothes and the hot spots. This was a well planned and executed.

Meg has zero shame spending millions of taxpayer money on both sides of the pond.

Did you read Enty’s Blind, that her gifts are party favors after the child arrives? All my friends including my self think she is using a surrogate.   Why not drink and do whatever?  Meghan doesn’t care what you think; she’s getting off on it.  The more we talk about her, the more she is going to do this. The only person who can stop this is Harry.

Let me ask you, Do you think the DM is in on with her? Are they complicit?  Is this all part of the show?

It would break my heart if Piers were involved in this somehow.

The family circus is adding more pressure to the BRF. It’s almost like they are sending extortion signals, PAY MEG big bucks now!  It reminds of the creepy Stephen King movie where the guy takes the children and leaves the townspeople devasted during a noreaster The Storm of the century.  The entity knows all their lies and uses it against them. “Give me what I want, and I’ll go away.”

I relate through music and movies to help me describe this situation.  Any feelings I have a song might pop in my head. I think this should be our theme “Give me what I want, and I’ll go away.” See tipster say she was offered a generous amount of money but, maybe not liberal enough.


Thank you thoughts, 🌸😎

PS: I’m under the gun personally with a bigger place that I have to finish the restoration before we move.  Plus I have to sell this place too.  Pain and exhaustion are setting in. We love where we live; the community is awesome.  It’s worth it!  You guys are on my mind all the time.


Something is up

It has been 15 days since MM appeared on the Royal Family official Instagram account. They just posted photos of Harry doing a solo engagement today. It has also been a full week since she appeared on the Kensington Palace official Instagram. Both of these accounts post very frequently, and I think it’s really interesting that MM has been left off for so long. She hasn’t even been mentioned! Now with the shady fake-looking NYC pap pictures? I think something big is going on.


Oh, you are not kidding, MM is about to unleash the three-ring circus!  Holy crap the photo set from tumblr is impressive! Over the top and entirely in bad taste.

Here we focused on Media Meg, while more important things are happening with the BRF.  Yes, I noticed them on twitter as well, I heavily rely on that outlet to the message out.  Maybe, they took away her IG and twitter privileges.

I agree, but I won’t say it’s not her by what I see happening now.  The picture is wrong, that is not an RPO if so, he should be sacked!

We all have our hairs standing on end over this.  The shit show is energetic and it costs a bundle.

Thank you anon 🌸😎

3rd Tri Travel, Victimization, etc.

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I had a baby at 40, and when I was in my third trimester, my doctor told me no air travel whatsoever. They don’t want you to go into labor away from home when you’re getting close to your due date. Plus dvt is a concern. I really don’t understand why MM would agree to/be approved for air travel to Morocco of all places when she is so close to her due date. Even if she is faking, I would think they would try to keep up appearances. This doesn’t make her look “tough” or “hardworking”. It opens her up to more criticism. I’m actually starting to wonder if she courts criticism, gets off on it in some sick way. Otherwise why would she do all the stupid stuff she does?

This brings up something else for me. I have been bothered by her use of the word “victimize” in her letter to her father. Most people don’t talk that way. They’d say why are you trying to hurt me, or why are you putting me in such a difficult position? I’ve never heard someone refer to themselves as victimized before.

I think she gets off on being in trouble, or “victimized”. She actively seeks out criticism because it allows her to paint herself as a victim and look to men to be her heroes. Gross


Dear thoughts, I agree with this, and she can’t be that stupid knowing we are going to point out the obvious reasoning why you don’t fly

Great Job! Thank you thoughts, 🌸😎