Will & Kate have ARRIVED!

November 14, 2018

Charles, Prince of Wales 70th Birthday Celebration


MM & PH – 11/11/2018

I was going to share these last night but…I fell asleep.

DM headline last night:

First off, respectful my foot! She is clinging to Harry once again! That’s not respectful, it’s desperate! Also, listen girlfriend if you can’t walk on cobblestone in stiletto heels…BUY SOME FREAKING THICKER HEELS! Dumb dumb! I work in Boston which has cobblestones everywhere! Women wear thicker heals so they don’t bust their asses in needle thin heels! It’s more about safety than fashion at this point MM, unless you love putting your unborn child at risk. Which we already know you do! πŸ™„


I noticed this right off the bat when MM got out of the car and I have seen some others post about it as well. Can’t remember who all did otherwise I would give them credit! So yay for us with sharp eyes!

But the gap of fabric on her top is very apparent. She obviously does not have a tailor or a stylist at this point. Anyone with half a mind would tell her this outfit makes her look at wide as she is tall.

Now I’m not one to speak because I have a good 25-30 pounds to lose but I know what I can get away with and what I can’t. She cannot pull this outfit off. At all.

But what struck me as odd was the way the fabric folds in the first picture. It’s obviously too big for her and the belt is cinched too tightly. Perhaps to give off the empire waistline look to appear advanced in her pregnancy? She failed though because the fold makes this whole outfit and what she wanted to portray a huge FAIL!

breezycooke πŸ€ πŸ’¨πŸ€ πŸ’¨

MM & PH – 11/11/2018