Piers/Meghan~ Amazingly funny

PIERS MORGAN: Me-Me-Meghan’s shamelessly hypocritical super-woke Vogue stunt proves she cares more about promoting herself than the Royal Family or Britain

Super woke! 😝😝😝😝

Yep, they have your ticket, Meghan Markle! The super looney from the far left!  Me Me Me Me Again


I thought Meghan might have learned her ‘woke’ lesson after the banana debacle in which she signed the phallic-shaped fruit for a group of sex workers with guff like ‘You are special’ and ‘You are strong’.

But nope, Meghan’s here to save us and there’s nothing any of can do to stop her.

‘LEAVE HER ALONE!’ I hear some cry.

But the problem is more that she won’t leave US alone.

Meghan didn’t need to guest-edit Vogue.

She’s already guzzled at the udder of royal fame like a starving desert traveller arriving at an over-flowing oasis.


You guys have to read this article it’s the best yet! I’m so in love with Piers Morgan right now. 💋💖 I have goosebumps!  I’m sucking up every word he writes, laughing my ass off! 😝😝


The reporters are now spot on! You can’t turn the press off and on at a whim and scream PRIVACY, and we don’t give a  flying💩.


Frankly, if you took Harry to LA, we would be forever grateful never to hear from you again.  You can put up with the American press, and we still laugh you at you. It will be fun to see you take Harry around LA like a circus monkey, and I’m rooting for this! Maybe you can kiss Hillary ass and give her a tossed salad.




PS: Why does she have to hang on everyone, she like a drunken stripper!

Thank you, squad member! God Bless America and the UK! 🌸😎😝💖💋



Meghan even almost copied the game-changing-title…

‘It’s extremely disappointing’: Meghan Markle’s Vogue issue about ‘trailblazing’ women has a VERY similar cover to an Australian book the Duchess helped produce – and the authors aren’t happy


Thank you for your opinion anon, I agree with you she nicked it! 🌸😎💋😹

Express- Harry and Meghan in shock split~ I told you so

MM – Freckles

How funny is it that Meghan wants natural people on the cover when she does anything to not look like herself (straightening hair, bronzer, covering freckles,…)


Harriet Johnson wrote a sweet article, I think I have a cavity, 😹😹 Meghan Markle is such a phony, her scams never stop.


Thank you, squad member! God bless America! 🌸😎💋

Page Six~ Sara Latham spin on Why Meghan doesn’t want to be front and center?


Jeffrey Epstein was arrested by the FBI for Sex Trafficking

Be still, my heart ladies and gentlemen! This is really happening, just when you think all is lost BAM!

Records in the defamation case contained descriptions of sexual abuse by Epstein along with new allegations of sexual abuse by ‘numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders.’

God Bless the FBI, Miami Herald that did all the investigative work! They are going down!  Thank you for sending this in!

Money, money money

RICHARD KAY: Royal split racked up the bill – but are couple doing their part of deal?



Anon submits: Daily Mail ~ Frogmore

Revealed: How Harry and Meghan splashed out £2.4m of YOUR cash on Frogmore Cottage as they turned FIVE small homes into one with all new bathrooms, bedrooms, and ‘floating’ kitchen floor

Holy Shit!

Bitch slap to the Sussex’s



UK Citizenship MM

It’s interesting that we haven’t heard about that anymore

Embed from Getty Images

… I even wonder if Meghan doesn’t want it anymore.


I wonder if a reporter would ask this question to Buckingham Palace on the status of Meghan’s dual citizenship.  We have argued this each way till Wednesday and still no clear answer.  It appears she wants to become a Fergie.

Thank you anon for your ask! 🌸😎