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Fiction: Substrate: #1

She wasn’t sure if it was the dampness of the day, crouching here, under the crumbling overpass of the busy bridge, or the nervous beads of sweat on her forehead, but it was uncomfortable. Unbearable. Not because of being seen, but because of what she had just seen. Witnessed. Absorbed into every pore of her body. Boring into her brain, a wrinkle now imprinted into her mind that could not be erased.

Unless under hypnotherapy; even then, wouldn’t it still be there if the therapist wanted to recall it? Or a coroner unveiled it during an autopsy? That thought sent chills, heavy droplets now on her chest, in armpit folds, down her back, cold, clinging and enveloping.

The thought that she might die found out hunted down, questioned, probed and tortured was unbearable. Because one doesn’t emerge from such treatment intact. Sure, physically one might, but not mentally, not ever, not here, not ever.

Even herself. The “chosen child” of many who created her. What went wrong with their “infallible” programming of her? Did a wrinkle not take”? That imprint of learning, retaining information? Just then, she heard a rustling sound in the leaves next to her, 10 feet away. Instinct told her it meant “danger”, and to react by survival, but today, knowing what she saw, it was a relief to process that it might mean her death, a welcome respite from the horror of it all. Instead of moving, she stopped breathing, to match what was coming.



Hey, JD,

Tell me if this doesn’t sound like “Pulling a Markle PR” move.

You have been conversing with someone who knows a little about the media. You might say you are virtual friends. In talking to people, they bring up that you know this media person, and then proceed to say some unflattering things about them to you. You try to change the subject, ignoring that they wanted to converse with you because you might spill tea on to them on something your media friend has said to you.

It’s becoming apparent that they are really not interested in you as a friend, but they want INFO. INFO on this and that so that they can feed their frenzy, their friends, their fantasies. You pick up on this and feed them some junk to see where their head is at. They bite, take it back to their nest, then turn on you when you shut down their conversation.

You knew they were running 2 chats at once; one to you, the other to their toxic friend. Then, they bring this back up via screenshots to the media person behind your back since you no longer speak. What do you do with toxic people like that? Ignore them, expose them or pray for them, make signs and hold a parade down Constitution Avenue in DC? Doesn’t this sound like something MegSnot would pull?


Wow! What dilemma the person would be in.  It’s really sad that someone would do that to another person, and over what? If you take this situation too serious it’s time to go get some sleep and leave people alone.

What to do, pray for them, don’t talk to them again, they came to the person with ill intent. These people are most likely jealous.

People be nice to one another, don’t be mean. I would like a good parade though.

Thank you, Turtle 

Media Release: Windsor Inc. Four Corners



Monday 29th October 2018

Windsor Inc: The sophisticated corporate campaign to future-proof the Crown.

“What you get now is a very packaged royalty…It is a very professional operation in spin management, media management, media operations.” Author

For almost two weeks Australia has felt the full force of a royal charm offensive.  The visit by the newly minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has been a triumph for the Royal couple and the House of Windsor brand.

“I think the marriage…has injected a real shot of adrenaline into people’s interest in the Royal Family.”  Tabloid royal correspondent

It’s a world away from the scandalous 1990s when the Royal family was embroiled in a rolling series of crises, indiscretions and PR disasters leaving them out of fashion and out of step with the times.  Some were even talking about the end of the monarchy itself.

“All bets were off with the Royals in the nineties. Spectacular own goals, things that 50 years earlier would have had discreet veils drawn over them: Camillagate, Squidgygate, Tampaxgate, all those terrible, terrible, gruesome little scandals.”  Author

On Monday Four Corners charts how the Royals have rebuilt their reputation and changed the way they manage “The Firm”.

“From those ashes, a lot of lessons have been learned. There’s obviously had to be more deliberate management about how people behave, what they’re saying, what they’re wearing.” Global advertising consultant

“It was the Royal family accepting that things needed to change if they were to survive. Survival is the name of the game for the Royal family.”  Author

The program reveals a highly controlled operation with spin doctors and media management at the forefront.

“You don’t see it but… what we see and read about the Royal family is pretty much controlled by them.”  Former Private Secretary to the Royal household

The Royals are increasingly bypassing traditional media and finding new ways to get their message out by joining the ranks of social media “influencers”.  Those combined efforts have resulted in one of the most spectacular rebranding exercises in modern times.

“In many ways, they’ve brought innovation. They’re brand innovators to the Royal family.”  Global advertising consultant

This new image has helped divert attention away from questions over the funding and financial interests of the Royal household.

“We don’t know where the money is invested. We don’t know where it’s spent. We don’t know what the income is. We only know what they tell us.”  Former UK MP

As the palace prepares for the next generation to take the throne, Four Corners examines the very corporate campaign to future-proof the Crown.

Windsor Inc, reported by Louise Milligan and presented by Sarah Ferguson, goes to air on Monday 29th October at 8.30pm. It is replayed on Tuesday 30th October at 1.00pm and Wednesday 31st at 11.20pm. It can also be seen on ABC NEWS channel on Saturday at 8.10pm AEST, ABC iview and at abc.net.au/4corners.


For more information or to request an interview:

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