Can We All Move On Now?

I’m gonna be a grown up, and say that I have had some very harsh opinions about these two people. There is actually a living breathing baby. I admit I was wrong. But this subject should be buried after today, because there’s more going on in the world. And if anyone remembers I said this would happen. We have also said that Meghan Markle is not going anywhere. She is where she wants to be. The family accepts her. And if Harry loves her just let it be. It’s over. Time to move on. Politics are crazier than ever, there was an earthquake in Pakistan and people have died. JD switched the main focus of this website to important issues, politics, business, pedophiles. Meghan and Harry are at the bottom. So, that’s that. There is a baby, don’t care how it got here. The whole BRF is shady. Have been for years. So again I’m admitting defeat, like a lot of people have. Blogs are getting shut down over this. Not worth it. All I ask is just please no making fun of children. Especially babies. It’s fucking wrong. Let those two do what they want, it’s not our business. I moved on, everyone else should consider the same.




Hi reporter people, because I feel you are checking in daily, to see if those people that shall not be named, is being talked about. Those people no longer interest me, and they are not a part of my daily life. Freedom of speech, remember that? You all still owe these women an apology, especially JD. You know who you are. As for me, I don’t want your apology, you can shove it up your ass.

Now, I’m gonna swerve from the bullshit, and listen to Sinatra.



Yes, I saw the news. No, I don’t believe there isn’t a kid.

Like I keep saying, JD and I have been following this from day one, We have said this could happen. And so it did. No matter what those assholes did to us, I still don’t like them, they can kiss my ass, but I cannot sit and pretend that there is not a child. I was on team fake because it did not look right, there was proof this was fake, but I kept it in the back of my head that she could very well be with child. So, where I am right now, until there is legit proof that there has not been a kid from the beginning, I mean they have to come out and say so, or otherwise. As of now I cannot believe a word that is said, and I won’t. When, and if this happens, I will believe everything that was said, the pics and everything. And apologize. On that note, congratulations to the new parents. And good luck.


How Many Of You Are Into History?

The past few days I’ve been watching archived footage of JFK and his assassination. I have my own opinions about it. But I find this so fascinating, not only him but MLK and RFK. It was an important piece of history, and I regret I did not pay much attention in history class LMAO

Them Kennedy boys were gorgeous as fuck. And did you know that MLK was a bonafide freak? Man the shit I read I was like oh hellllll naw what the hell am I reading? that was some scary shit 😂