When Frampton Came Alive?

Man. I wish I existed enough to experience this. What a show this was. What an excellent player. I read he was exiting the stage due to health issues. Basically the same boat as Clapton. But when Clapton says he’s retiring his ass is right back on stage shortly after LMAO But seriously, I would like to know about your concert experiences, because i have zero and i have to live thru all of you. Sadly.


Hey Vin!

I loved when you and JD did the summer tunes can you do something like that again? You guys did Motown, Frankie Valli kind of stuff, do it again! Thanks

Hey! I think we can do that again, we actually want to shift things towards more music, and entertainment. Or Whatever the flow is for the day. How about some Marvin Gaye to kick things off ❤❤❤


I got it! Can you play some comedy?

I’m sick to death with all this politically correct bullshit! Can you play anything that’s far from PC, we all need a good laugh. Interweb people lighten the hell up! Thank You! Elvis has left the building!

Well damn, I got you! lol

How about some Denis Leary? He is my favorite, and this one happens to be my ultimate favorite. I crack up everytime i watch it


Vin can you play a block of the Jackson five?

I’m feeling nostalgic today when I was younger going to clubs the DJ always played a block of the Jackson five. We ran to the dance floor! Thank you! Rock and Roll

Absolutely! I found a whole playlist, ‘I’ll Be There’ i cannot do unless you want me on the floor bawling my eyes out 😂

But enjoy!


Welcome To Soulful Sundays!

Good morning, Hope everyone is well!

JD ran across this idea to me, and of course I thought it was a great idea. Every Sunday I’ll be around to take any music requests you have, or to chat and offer support and advice if you need it.

Fitting song to start, so let’s do this!


Hi Vin!

Hi Vin!!!!!
Who are those haters?! We LOVE you! Welcome back!

HI!!! Thank you so much love! I’m glad to be back! The year I had let me tell you lol

Haters in general, you know. Dumb ass bullshit that doesn’t even phase us anymore. But I am back, and moving forward. I hope you are well tho! ❤❤❤


We Want To Hear From You!

Hey everyone, I Vin have officially returned! I know, the haters must be pleased. I still love you all tho. LMAO

The purpose of this post is to hear from you because JD and I are cleaning up the site a bit, she’s going to revamp it, and we want to add new subjects.


Historical presidents, past, present, and future politics, First ladies of Fashion, And of course music, current fashion and makeup, Hollywood, and anything you think of.


We are trying to do away with a lot of royal talks, and anything associated with them. It’s what we don’t want. It’s old and boring. Like JD said, I’ll be around on Sundays, time permitting, since I landed a new job. Send me anything you like, music requests, if you want to bitch about anything, send it in.

Any other subjects you’re interested in that I haven’t listed? Feel free to let us know.

JD & Vin