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Aetrileaf – Forbes – Mexico with the largest lithium mine in the world: Chinese seek to exploit it

Mexico, with the largest lithium mine in the world; Chinese seek to exploit it

Mexico tops the list of the largest lithium deposit in the world , according to the ranking made by Mining Technology.

The report indicates that the mine of this element located in Sonora is the largest element deposit with proven and probable reserves of 243.8 million tons.

“Sonora will be an open pit operation that is proposed to be developed in two stages, and the first will have a production capacity of 17,500 tons of lithium carbonate per year . The second stage will double the production capacity to 35,000, ”said this report called “ The 10 largest lithium mines in the world ” .

In the list, which ranks the 10 largest lithium mines on the planet, according to proven and probable reserves, Sonora exceeds Humboldt County, Nevada (179.4 tons per year) and Port Hedland in Australia (151.94 tons per year).

“We are in an energy transition worldwide and in the federal government we are working on that. Lithium is going to become the new oil, because it is the base of the accumulators (for electric cars. The lithium will be strategic, ”said today the head of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Victor Manuel Toledo.

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