Save the baby! Male gorilla scoops up infant as silverback wades in to separate two brawling females

  • Video shows the baby gorilla fall off its mother’s back at a zoo in the UK
  • Male rushes in to save it as the silverback tries to break up the scuffle
  • Filmer says it shows that the great apes have ‘human-like behaviour’ 

I’m in the midst of transferring post to

The website is really cool! You can put money into your account to tip the posters.  You can transfer up to $500 bucks!

There is no censorship, which is very refreshing, considering these big tech giants want to silence your voice. Like I’ve always said, you don’t like what someone is saying scroll on.

I love that the Q movement is going there in droves to get away from Twitter censorship of free speech and limiting how many people you can follow. All your favorites are there!

The Big Tech is doing all of this to censor an election because they are biased and in the pocket of NWO type scoundrels.

I say to run there as fast as you can, and why not make a buck or two posting your stuff.  Your time is worth money, why should the big Tech giants laugh all the way to the bank?

Why let these Big Tech Giants make money on your words?