mickimouce submitted: Every Royal Marriage Has Its Thorn: Meghan Markle’s Father Is Hardly the First In-Law to Plague This Family JD this is an interesting article. From what I gather the BRF toned down a lot of what Pippa Middleton wanted to do. And yet Harry got away with bringing that disgrace into the family.

wow, this pretty in-depth, I can’t believe they did this. Click on the link to read the entire article. Thank you, Micki, for bringing this 🌺🌺🌺🌺



Anonymous said: Julie, it was me who posted on both JD’s and Skippy’s blogs that I like your posts and wished you’d post more often …which I genuinely meant. I posted on Skippy’s first, and when she replied to say you’re more JD’s Anon, I came here to say the same.

Thank you anon, Julie💖💖 does appreciate that you said that. I love Julie’s contributions she makes to the blogs. She may not be tech savvy like some but we love her just the same.  We both believe in and love the institution of the monarchy. 


Does Prince Harry look happier without Meghan Markle on Engagements ? Anybody can vote, please reblog. Doesn’t matter if your a Markle Sugar, please be respectful

Do you think Prince Harry looks happier without Meghan Markle on engagements he does?

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When will Charles and Harry say enough is enough- When shit hits the fan PUBLICLY. Not an insider, but if you observe the BRF’s past behavior this is the likely scenario. They will protect MM because she is attached to their brand. MM used this strategy with Harry during “dating” because she knows the same thing and now uses it with the RF. If she ever screws up in a major way, publicly, then they will likely distance themselves. Fergie is a perfect example.

Thank you anon, do think the pictures that enty is talking about will do that? The press is hinting towards something very naughty. 🌺🌺🌺🌺

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visit

JD, Julie here. Fantastic photos of Sarah, Duchess of York at Ascot on Day 4 with PA and Bea and talking and laughing with HM. I have always loved Sarah. She is such a fun parent and she and PA always look amazing together. HM has always had a soft spot for Sarah. Sarah is soo well connected and popular in aristocracy circles and really is a BRF asset. Mistakes, of course but she is a steal trap. She, Camilla, Anne, Sophie would be a force to be reckoned with if they stood together.

Yes, they were lovely, and the Queen loves her sense of humor. Sarah the Duchess is a joyful soul and great mum. Yes, she had some issues and anxiety attacks and who wouldn’t at the time, constantly being compared to Diana? They still do it!  Catherine is always up against her mother-in-law. I don’t know if it’s the media or RPR. Maybe if they let Diana rest in peace, we can all move past it.

I agree the four ladies will be a force to reckon with.  They support the girls, and I think that fantastic, just because you’re born a female royal doesn’t mean you should play second fiddle to no- born Royal. 

Thank you, Julie, 💐💐💋

DM article about William’s visiting Israel: i am not a politician. If I have a slightest chance to bring benefit to my country with my personal trip to a foreign country, I would do my best. William’s visit is made possible by huge taxpayers money. Also it’s life risking trip. Having said that, I strongly believe that any news media in the UK should focus on how to maximize the benefits this visit can bring to the UK, unless you really want to waste money govn’t & BRF may invest on the visit.

If the government of another country asks for a visit, they have to pay for the visiting expenses and provide extra security for the royal.  Prince William, I believe will make an excellent Statemen’s and leader of his country. This visit will be a global event. 

Prince William shows a willingness to serve others shows by his duty as air ambulance co-pilot, search and rescue in Wales. Prince William saw through his duty the need for suicide preventions to support charities for mental health and where to get the urgent help that is needed for men but along with the Duchess of Cambridge support of mental health and to have the conversation. I’ll admit I wasn’t sold on the idea of a royal doing this until the London Marathon and the Forum they did. The Duchess came off as genuinely concerned, and a truly family committed. Catherine will make an excellent Queen consort. 

Thank you anon