End of the World as We Know it- It is a must watch documentaries- Dark to light – Q

Please watch all the videos its time to wake up! Q



Unless I see proof it didn’t happen

I don’t trust Sara Latham at all!  The conference was about prison reform which Trump helped to develop 2nd chances. Now, Why would Harry and Meghan Markle be there?

Not one picture was taken by cell phones, NADA, Zero!

We are looking for truth not smoke being blown up our arses!

Media outlet say they were paid 400k, really? That’s speculation and the story changes by the minute. Tweets are being deleted.  WTF is going on?

JP Morgan is under investigation for manipulating metals. So these morons jump into bed with a dirty company. Great Job MM and H.


Q Drops! 3799- Those Who Were Once Protected Are No Longer

You didn’t think we highlighted ‘Epstein’ for no reason did you?
Those who were once protected are no longer.
Hunters become PREY.

Rise of the ‘rushed supper’ as increasing numbers of restaurants put 90 minute limit on diners


The days of leisurely eating an evening meal are over as a growing number of top restaurants have started rushing suppers as they put time limits on tables.  

As part of the new trend to get diners in and out quickly The Telegraph found that when attempting to reserve a table at some of the most sought-after restaurants in London, most offered a maximum of 90 minutes per sitting.

Restaurants such as Novikov, Sushisamba, and Aqua Shard, where a meal can cost upwards of £100 a head, all impose a time limit on tables, regardless of how much is spent on the meal.

Ryan Simpson, the chef and owner of Orwells in Henley-on-Thames, who formerly held a Michelin star, told The Telegraph he thought it was “terrible”.

“I think people are getting it all wrong because it you’re going to a restaurant you are going out, spending a lot of money, you should be enjoying yourself,” he said. “You don’t want to pack people in and turn them over for the next table to make money.

“It appears a bit fast food-led. It’s OK when you are at a burger joint running in and out but when you’ve got high-end restaurants doing it, you should be able to relax.”

Mr Simpson added that he would not go to high-end sushi restaurants if they imposed a time limit. “If I went to a sushi restaurant I’d want to have a chat over sake, have a few nibbles, linger over it and enjoy myself, I’d want to make an event of it.

“It is a bigger trend now, you want to feel relaxed when you go out for food, and it’s causing people to panic. People turn up here slightly late and say ‘we’re sorry, we’re sorry’ – when they don’t need to worry!”

Two Michelin starred chef David Everit-Mattias, chef-owner of Le Champingon Sauvage in Cheltenham, said they refrained from turning around their tables, instead setting them “aside for the customer for the whole night”.

“My wife Helen and I own our business and it is something that we have never wanted to do,” he said. “It my be rather archaic but I think the customer shouldn’t`t be rushed out of his table to make room for another.  I can see that spiralling overheads in the capital may be a factor but it is not for us.”

Similarly, Steve Groves, the head chef at Roux in Parliament Square, said: “We don’t set a time limit on tables at Roux at Parliament square, we like our guests to enjoy their experience at their leisure so the table is yours for the duration of the service.”

Martin Williams, founder of the M Restaurant chain, said forcing diners out was the opposite of hospitality. “At M we have always had a policy never to give – Get Out times – We believe it is the opposite of hospitality,” he said. “Instead we assume guests would like the table for the evening and aim to offer a heightened experience for as long as the guest would like. We also offer an online virtual booking tool which allows guests to select which table they would like to sit at.”

Restaurants with time limits

Novikov – upmarket Italian restaurant in Mayfair has a time limit of 2 hours per table.

Sushisamba – expensive and trendy sushi restaurant in Bishopsgate: time limit of 2 hours per table for a couple going for dinner.

Aqua shard – trendy bistro in the Shard, has a time limit of two hours.

Padella, sought-after pasta restaurant loved by Nigella, 90 minutes.

Bao, Soho Taiwanese loved by foodies across the city, 1h15 for table of two and 90 mins for table for 4.

Hoppers – trendy curry restaurant wants the table back in 90 minutes.

I don’t see a problem with this, some people camp out even after dessert service is over.  We trained servers to remove anything they are done using. Be courteous to the people who have reservations behind you. Not only is the restaurant making money but the servers are too.  I used to offer after dinner drinks if they would get up and allow the next party to be seated only if we were on a wait. 

SH is starting a new business building homes for members and they are planning to do that a Great Tew since SFH end up creating money problems, thats why they put out those articles of H&MM living there at Great Tew, they want to attract members to buy their new project, but PH doesnt live there only the con artist stays at Great Tew because if she would stay in London the press will sit outside her home and find out PH doesnt live with her and is all fake so she stays hidden at SFH.

It sounds like a Ponzi scheme now, they got the infusion of cash with the help of Prince Andrew to the tune of 35 million, what the hell? I even said that was a bad move, I’ve been in the business my entire life. Since its, a private members club that has so many restrictions and you cater to people who always want something for nothing for being them. You won’t allow the business community, you will fail.  Now with the help of Nick Johnston and his land, they want to sell the parcel of land to these people I’ve mentioned.  Some are struggling artisans, where are they going to get that kind of money from? Just stupid. 

Thank you anon  

7 Tips for Surviving Through a Bad Publicity Storm – Top Business & Internet Marketing Company Chicago

2. Avoid Negative Online Interaction – While it may be tempting to defend your company’s name when critics post online, resist the urge to respond using negative undertones. And by all means, never resort to using profanity or partaking in name calling. This is a surefire way to ruin your reputation. 

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7 Tips for Surviving Through a Bad Publicity Storm – Top Business & Internet Marketing Company Chicago