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Julian Assange carried a book during his arrest. He may have been sending a message.

Julian Assange appeared to be making a statement during his arrest from the Ecuadoran Embassy in London on Thursday. With wrists shackled, the WikiLeaks founder managed to carry a copy of Gore Vidal’s “History of the National Security State.” Its cover, featuring a photo of Vidal with a pensive, skeptical expression, was helpfully faceup so that eagle-eyed armchair detectives could discern Assange’s latest read.

Once Assange made it to court, he turned to the book while he waited for the proceedings to begin, according to Tristan Kirk, courts reporter for the London Evening Standard. During a delay, Assange “made good progress with his book while waiting,” Kirk tweeted.

Click on the link to read more, but here is a thought Trump signed into law about whistleblowers?


Julian Assange~ A guide to the cast of Characters ~ Huffpost Canada

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has alienated and infuriated a lot of people over the years, not least the British and U.S. authorities that oversaw his arrest and indictment last week.



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The royals travel with their own bags of blood

Chapter Two: Bags o’ Blood

Scoop Princess Diary #2. The Royals travel with their own bags o’ blood. I mean, really, don’t you hate it when you’re traveling, get run through by a swordfish and the ER just ran out of your blood type?

“A personal blood bag doesn’t usually make your packing checklist for trips, but for the royals anything is possible. According to the Telegraph, the queen and her son Prince Charles always bring their own personal bags of blood with them to countries where the blood supply is questionable. But in order to do a blood transfusion, you need to have a doctor on hand, which is why a Royal Navy doctor accompanies every royal on his or her trip for emergencies.”

Creepy but Jehovah witnesses won’t take other people’s blood, they need their own or synthetic and it really expensive.

Fiction: Substrate: #1

She wasn’t sure if it was the dampness of the day, crouching here, under the crumbling overpass of the busy bridge, or the nervous beads of sweat on her forehead, but it was uncomfortable. Unbearable. Not because of being seen, but because of what she had just seen. Witnessed. Absorbed into every pore of her body. Boring into her brain, a wrinkle now imprinted into her mind that could not be erased.

Unless under hypnotherapy; even then, wouldn’t it still be there if the therapist wanted to recall it? Or a coroner unveiled it during an autopsy? That thought sent chills, heavy droplets now on her chest, in armpit folds, down her back, cold, clinging and enveloping.

The thought that she might die found out hunted down, questioned, probed and tortured was unbearable. Because one doesn’t emerge from such treatment intact. Sure, physically one might, but not mentally, not ever, not here, not ever.

Even herself. The “chosen child” of many who created her. What went wrong with their “infallible” programming of her? Did a wrinkle not take”? That imprint of learning, retaining information? Just then, she heard a rustling sound in the leaves next to her, 10 feet away. Instinct told her it meant “danger”, and to react by survival, but today, knowing what she saw, it was a relief to process that it might mean her death, a welcome respite from the horror of it all. Instead of moving, she stopped breathing, to match what was coming.