The royals travel with their own bags of blood

turtletimethesis submitted: Chapter Two: Bags o’ Blood Scoop Princess Diary #2. The Royals travel with their own bags o’ blood. I mean, really, don’t you hate it when you’re traveling, get run through by a swordfish and the ER just ran out of your blood type? “A personal blood bag doesn’t usually make your packing checklist for trips, but for the royals anything is possible. According to the Telegraph, the queen and her son Prince Charles always bring their own personal bags of blood with them to countries where the blood supply …

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Fiction: Substrate: #1

She wasn’t sure if it was the dampness of the day, crouching here, under the crumbling overpass of the busy bridge, or the nervous beads of sweat on her forehead, but it was uncomfortable. Unbearable. Not because of being seen, but because of what she had just seen. Witnessed. Absorbed into every pore of her body. Boring into her brain, a wrinkle now imprinted into her mind that could not be erased. Unless under hypnotherapy; even then, wouldn’t it still be there if the therapist wanted to recall it? Or …

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