lovenowayworld said: I think that Express article and poor Megsy is trying so hard to adhere to protocol (while she does not wear stockings on her last engagement) is another fishing for sponsors thing. And see how they admit the “clothes are coming in so fast” and that the brands “don’t know Megsy’s size”. Geez – you get to tell them your size measurements honey! And go shopping instead of begging for freebies and pay to wear shit. The are making excuses for why she looks so bad. She is shopping for sponsors

I absolutely agree with you, fishing for more sponsors to get ready for the fall season ahead. Blaming another stylist that has nothing to do with this drama.  That’s not funny; they may be ruining another’s career, and that’s not funny.  I guess she’ll keep flying in Jess Mulroney quietly on the taxpayer’s dime. MM nickname at NU was Visa, Visa, Mastercard.

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Anonymous said: Why did JM and M think she would be a fashion icon ? do they think people in the UK just fawn over the RF by law ? I haven’t seen M in anything suitable or attractive since she first came on the scene.

Maybe they got drunk🍷🍷 one night and thought, “hey! This sounds great!” and then it was just a great idea to make money.  MM got to wear whatever the brand send her to wear. It doesn’t seem to matter that she doesn’t look good in it, she will blame someone for it and never own up to her mistake. 

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I was thinking her dress today would have been more suitable for Wimbledon than her barbershop quartet outfit. Granted, Harry didn’t wear a tie, but something a bit more serious looking–a pants suit maybe–would have been a better choice. She deliberately strikes an off note with her clothing in order to draw attention away from women who are more appropriately dressed for the occasion. It has nothing to do with being a fashion “rebel” and more to do with her being the center of attention.

This is another way to look at this, I think we should explore all avenues. You’re right this was a bit more serious of a subject, and all respects should have been pulled out. Fashion is a statement you project onto the world. 

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That trench dress is definitely out of season like a few other things she’s worn. I’ve seen this dress a million times so she’s not breaking new ground here. I’ve seen it a million times and done much better. I’ve seen that exact dress look fantastic on other people. Like her or not, she’s an attractive woman so I don’t understand why it’s so hard for her to look good.

Thank you anon, she needs to go back to suites fashions, that means simple, classic lines. Not a thousand large buttons and wear a decent bra. If you look at pictures from her suites days she looks pretty, her hair is nice, and now it’s moving towards whatever Jess tells me to wear, whatever the sponsor tells her. Money isn’t everything. Look good, she’ll feel good. 


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Great actress listen to their stylist

Hi JD! How are you? I saw the ask about MM’s height and I believe a few people are confused about why MM dresses so bad. Most people think it’s because of her body type: square. MM doesn’t know what she’s doing, a lot of celebrities with square bodies always look amazing. A few examples here: Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway and Cameron Diaz. I think I’ve made my point, if an anon has a square shape, don’t worry! Just don’t follow her tips, never.
Thank you I’m doing great,  yes, and some celebrities don’t like what the stylist has to say and then go on the attack. If she listens then she will succeed but the dear girl thinks she is Diana and can pull the tall looks off, She can’t.  Sit back and enjoy the show.

Sorry Poo, not the look for you and fix your hair

Anonymous said: Just FYI, but Oscar de La Renta disables their comment section on instagram when they posted her photo but not for the one of the model wearing the same dress….lolololol

OMG, no way!!  Jesus it’s bad, bet they got on the horn with Power of Privy and Jess Mulroney, words are happening.  Markle made their brand look like shit.  Pretty sure they are fired. 😹😹🙀🙀🙀😸😸😸🍌🍌🍌💩💩💩

Anonymous said: Just a thought maybe she is trying to look bad to get free help from the RF or the designers themselves. Or both. Do you think she paid for this outfit or its a freebies? I didn’t think the royals could accept freebies. She looks horrible. Vendor Anon

Markle is merching, she is getting paid to wear it. MM didn’t want their help.  She is working with the Power of Privy and Jess Mulroney.  Markle is a walking sandwich board!  thanks vendor