Guess What Happens After You’re offended? Nothing ! That’s it! Now Be an adult and move on!


Hi Vin! (or is it Breez now? Hi Breezy!)

6 freaking inches of snow in November. I am already tired of winter. I think whatever is going on now is just fluff til the end hit and I think the end is in sight. So it is like ignore whatever you see now cause the ending is inevitable.





Hey!! I’ll call her MC Breez. lol


i saw that crap in the news, ugh! I live in south Jersey so we lucked out, not to say we won’t get any the next round. It is cold as shit tho.


They need to hurry it up and end it, looks like brexit is turning into a mess. they have more important things to deal with instead of an annoying actress. People are circling the blogs with these troll like stories so we shall see!