Whale Vertebrae with giant Megalodon Tooth ~ Its fake, but still really badass


That had to be the size of a double-decker bus! The Meg left us a clue at the scene of the crime and most likely he swam away with a belly full of the whale! 😝

Fact #10. The Megalodon Had About 276 Teeth In 5 Rows

Like modern sharks, the Megalodon discarded it’s teeth frequently as they became worn. It likely have 5 rows of teeth, which acted like a conveyer belt, so that lost teeth could be replaced rapidly, likely within 24-48 hours. While tooth loss rates are poorly understood even in modern-day sharks, it’s likely that a Megalodon went through thousands of teeth during it’s lifetime. The vast majority of fossil Megalodon teeth that are collected show significant feeding wear to the tip, someones with the tips completely sheered off due to hitting bone or other teeth during feeding.

I have a smaller size that was found in North Carolina but here in Florida is good fossil hunting along the peace river. Caution, alligator territory. 



Fossil hunting is fun for the entire family to do along the Carolina coast and Florida rivers.  Teeth can be found on eBay or other private fossil hunter sites like the one I posted… Ah here is the original post!

Is it real? because it looks huge!  It’s bullshit!  fabrication but still cool to image such a beast attacking a pre-historic whale




Original caption:

A hiking trip to the true spirit of the mountain world in a less travelled area of Northern Norway: Welcome to Senja. The weather in Norway can always change quickly, especially in the mountains. Sometimes you just have 5 minutes of light, then rain showers and clouds are passing like trains and suddenly the sun comes out and shows us beautiful rainbows and incredible colours up in the sky.

It was quite painful to get up for sunrise at 2 am in the morning after just two hours of sleep in a tent and then hike to the summit. It’s the ultimate challenge for every landscape photographer: You should give it a try – even if chances are low, there’s still hope for a tiny gap in the clouds that will reward you with the most fantastic light. These moments let you forget all your efforts.

I’m very happy to share a new video of my series “The Beauty of”, this time in beautiful Senja together with some talented photographers from all over the world. Special thanks to my friends Max Rive Photography and Daniel Kordan, it’s always a pleasure working together with you guys.

Camera: Dennis Schmelz
B-Roll: Danny Rest & Michael Karam
Edit & Grading: Dennis Schmelz
Sound Design & Mix: Florian Gramelsberger

Music: Magnetar by Terry Devine-King (PRS)

Video Gear:
DJI Mavic Air Drone: amzn.to/2O01Ce9
Sony a7sII Camera: amzn.to/2DQpEEi
Sony a6500 Camera: amzn.to/2zIR604
Zhiyun Crane Plus Gimbal: amzn.to/2OFHvz8

Sony Lenses:
Sony 10-18 mm f/4: amzn.to/2yVcGkW
Sony 35 mm f/1.8: amzn.to/2zRCLPL

Canon Lenses:
Converter: amzn.to/2CkudW3
Canon EF 16-35mm 1:2,8L II: amzn.to/2k4oQ2N
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II: amzn.to/2C62NAw
Canon EF 70-200 mm f/2,8 L IS II: amzn.to/2BC3BMx

Hoya ND 32 49mm: amzn.to/2vgid1Z
Hoya ND8 62mm: amzn.to/2OlwzqF

Joby Gorilla Pod: amzn.to/2xsYyO5

Post Production:
Premiere CC Keyboard: amzn.to/2CJrfYb
Lacie Thunderbolt HDD: amzn.to/2AZfPlK