Everyone affected by the hurricane/tropical storm please be safe and take precaution!!!!! Have a good weekend!

Thank you anon! 🌸🌸😎 Advertisements

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Fire at the Brazilian Museum

ineverlikedsugaranyway: scorpiotwentythree: ineverlikedsugaranyway: loveydoveyvibes: Sad news. At this Sunday night, Sept. 2nd 2018, one of the biggest and most important brazilian museums, the National Museum, located in Rio de Janeiro, was hit by a fire. Millions of historic items, paintings, were lost, including the letter of our independence. The losses are countless, and irreplaceable, historically and financially. They’re asking people to send them pictures people took of their exposed collection to this email. I’m not from Rio, but I’m brazilian, and I feel devastated by this happening. Please, help us …

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Go Fund Me, We need to hire someone to enter in all the plugins and get the site interactive

https://www.gofundme.com/support-prince-harry-blogs Hello, I’m jerseydeanne, I’ve been blogging about Prince Harry for last 18 months on tumblr nonstop.  I need your help to start my website on WordPress; it’s getting be a lot more expensive then I expected. I need an expert to help configure the website for me.  of course, that cost money. https://jerseydeanne.tumblr.com/ https://jerseydeanne.com/ Right now it’s running, but I need to hire someone to put the plugs in and make the site more interactive for my followers and readers. If you have any questions, please feel free to …

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