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New Jersey Governor Murphy needs to open his state

As you all know that I hail from the Garden State with a paternal last name that dates back to colonists.  My relative was Attorney General Abraham Browning.  We owned many farms that fed Philadelphia. My great great great grandfather owned the ferry in Delair to Philly, delivering farm to table fresh vegetables and fruits.


Dear Governor Murphy, please open the state back up, my mom is in her 70s and wants to work at the local landmark diner in Camden County. Currently, she can’t afford anything living on 116 a week, and while republicans and democrats duke it out on the stimulus package, my mother may lose her home. As you know, the property taxes in New Jersey are highway robbery for our senior citizens.

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While you and other elected members collect a paycheck, people like my mother can’t afford to pay their electric bill.  We are sick and tired of the party politics and want you to the bigger man and think about your citizens you represent.


I got to tell you; you don’t look so good for re-lection after sending thousands of COVID patients to nursing homes that killed many people.


I was in tears talking with my mother when she was telling me about working.  Then she told me my uncle John was in a nursing home for brain cancer, and no one is allowed to see him. Can you imagine not being able to see your relative dying of cancer?  I think that’s cruel, and I’m sick and tired of the false testing they are doing to oust the president!


My friends and family are on board with Trump, because he is the man to bring America back from the brink of disaster after democrats “never let a good crisis go to waste” and want another round of Plandemic.


When you use a health crisis as a political weapon against the people are going to start fighting back. Call and tell your representative in your state to cut the partisan politics and let us live again.



Prince Charles says the difficulties faced by Duchy of Cornwall tenants amid the Covid-19 pandemic left him ‘demoralised’ – but was heartened by the ‘altruistic’ acts including a tenant who set up a mental health charity

  • Prince of Wales recorded a video message of support for tenants earlier this year
  • Praised community for coming together and said he’s ‘enormously proud’
  • Highlighted farmer who launched charity to help with mental health issues among farming community as well as lambing flock for friend stricken with virus
  • Joked he has a ‘ghastly feeling’ it shows he’s been involved for ‘over 50 years’ 

The masked duchess! Kate Middleton is seen wearing a face protector for the first time as she helps unpack donations at a baby bank in Sheffield in £15 cotton covering from Amaia

  • The Duchess of Cambridge, 38, helped to unpack donations at Baby Basics UK in Sheffield on Tuesday
  • Kate Middleton spoke to parents about how baby banks have provided them with support amid lockdown
  • Royal donned floral face mask for the first time, which retails at £15 from London-based brand, Amaia
  • Paired with timeless £1850 dress by Suzannah and recycled £531 mock snake skin heels by Tabitha Simmons

I don’t know if you’ve ever read Patrick Howley or National File

or National File, but I wanted to share an article he wrote about monthly days of action to target Bill Gates and his attacking hydroxychloroquine and pushing for forced COVID vaccinations.



I don’t know if you’ve ever read Patrick Howley or National File. Still, I wanted to share an article he wrote about monthly days of action to target Bill Gates and his attacking hydroxychloroquine and pushing for forced COVID vaccinations.

Hello Anon, yes, I follow Patrick. He is an amazing investigative journalist that is unbiased.  We are all concerned about these vaccines having tracers in them. We also worry about Bill’s plan to depopulate the world through vaccines. We consider Bill part of the NWO, and let’s not forget that Bill was friends with Epstein. 


HCQ is a cheap, effective way to treat this virus, and I guess the Democrats want to see people die and blame it on Orange man bad. 

Thank you anon, you’re only allowed 35 words in the title according to Google.


Kate Middleton says she’s been ‘deeply moved’ by the work of the Red Cross during the Covid-19 pandemic as she pays tribute to her volunteer nurse grandmothers to mark 150th anniversary

  • Her Majesty led the royal family in paying tribute to the British Red Cross on evening of its 150th anniversary
  • Queen, 94, sent message of congratulations and described charity’s work as ‘valued and greatly appreciated’
  • The Prince of Wales, 71, added that the organisation has shown ‘just how powerful kindness can be’  
  • Kate Middleton, 38, remembered the thousands of staff and volunteers – including her great-grandmother and grandmother, both Red Cross nurses – who ‘contributed tirelessly’ to the charity’s work over the years