About drugs and their usage

Thank you anon, I love documentaries!

I disagree with this. Yes, some will not follow guidelines. I think this was done by big pharma. I qualify for opioids, and I don’t go to pain management. Yes, I do, on occasion, smoke a joint now and then. I would never drive drunk or high. 

Legal mary jane is done in strict greenhouses in Florida. Illegal Maryjane is wrong; you can’t trust it with all the pesticides to treat Mary Jane. 


Sunshine Sachs wants you to know that Meghan keeps in touch with animal charity Mayhew

Meghan Markle, who recently moved to LA with her husband Prince Harry and one-year old son baby Archie, has been making secret calls to animal charity Mayhew, which has seen its funds slashed during the coronavirus pandemic. Meghan, who is patron of the charity, has been keeping in touch with Mayhew, a charity that looks after dogs and cats and also helps care for people in the local community.

Contact tracing

Oh joy. Yeah right, they care about us…..

WTF! That would illegal to put under Workers comp. This is crazy town, No F**king way, it’s impossible! Lock me up and someone getting a punch in the throat. Let these assholes go first and see how they like it!  No other states don’t have these things! NAZI! Don’t download it!!! 

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