Who Loves Makeup???

I recently took the opportunity to follow Jeffree Starr on Twitter. And I do not regret it one bit! Bitch has this awesome collection out, it’s called Alien. Now I am an avid collector of lipsticks, foundations, just makeup in general, and I strongly encourage you to check it out. The people that has worn it and took pics they look AWESOME AF! THE LIPSTICKS THO!!!



Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The Internet Is Watching You…

As a black female, I sometimes find it difficult to trim my wigs, if and when i wear them. Now I definitely wear extensions, and it is always human hair, so if i need a quick trim it’s easy. If I want to have a wig with layers, i’ll buy one. if I want a short bob, i’d buy one. Nothing wrong with wigs, and changing up your look, but if you try to cut a weave, or a wig and you don’t know how, then please for the love of god DONT!!! Leave it to the professionals. Or just buy one with the look you want. If you step out your house with your hair looking like a 2 year old cut it THERE’S A PROBLEM 😂😂😂😂





I have spoken, Vintage🎶🦂