Henry Cavill wants Brainiac for the next Superman movie

Our gorgeous nerd wants Brainiac according to Comicbooknews.com, let’s do throw in Supergirl and Super dog, throw a cape on Kal the set dog.  I love how Henry takes us on a journey while he is filming. We become invested in his project while he acts incredibly funny, I loved him in his underwear, I was rolling.  I would like to see Wm Morris endeavor get him a comedic role and a military role.


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Let’s speculate on someone other than the Dumbartons. Who would you rather spend a weekend with, Martin Sensmeier or Henry Cavill?? :)

Wow, you know my first is Cavill but I love native Americans, I’m part myself, I’ve never dated one but damn Martin is hot! Being from Alaska he probably knows how to hunt for food. 

Thank you anon