So Henry Cavill congratulated Demi Lobato on a sports achievement and she loses her shit posts lingerie photo and buys articles in the papers saying she is interested putting him in the spot to respond. Meanwhile Henry is at home like Kal what do you want for dinner? Lol

OMG, poor Henry Cavill no good deed goes unpunished. Love to him and valium for her.

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To be honest JD I don’t think Henry Cavill did anything wrong by congratulating Demi Lovato ,on her blue belt even if it was months lates. But the way her”fan pages” are carrying on and milking it is so desperate. He just commented and liked the blue belt pic not scrolled through like her. Her “fan pages” aka pr need to cool it, it is so embarrassing to see them tag her and random guys in there posts. WTF?

No, he didn’t, I still can’t find, or no one has shown that she is staking his site. Fans will be fans. Doing just a bit of research does show some red flags, of course, I remain cautious for Henry. 

She states something big is coming.  What? And why wear your undergarments to tell everyone.

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JD, I’m laughing my ass off – yesterday Demi didn’t even follow Henry, but today oh lord she followed him and liked his older bjj pics. Someone is looking desperate 🤣🤣

I know, right, I didn’t want to look in the closet but damn!  I recommend not following her. 😂😂😂😂😂😂.  Good luck to her! 

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Oh jeez thirsty Demi Lovato is milking the one Henry Cavill comment for all its worth. Henry probably forgot already about it. He posted a similar comment to the Nomis crew today kind of a congratulations. Demi is coming off as a wacko and still needs help. Henry has followed and liked a lot of other celebs but they never react like that. This girl needs not be in the public eye, she is no role model for young girls.

You guys bring me screenshots of Demi’s comments, you know the drill. 

Yes, I saw that too with Nomis crew freezing their buns off.

 I agree she is no role model for anybody. Demi is preachy, my foster daughter thinks she is just awesome being so confident when in fact she has issues. Jumping from one relationship to another relationship is a bit chaotic, and it doesn’t send positive vibes to me.  Nobody wants their young adult kids doing that. 

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Attention seekers

Demi Lovato #15 of celebs who are attention seekers.

Fix that for you, and at #15 is Demi !!

 Demi Lovato: Shockingly Desperate Social Media Posting

Looking at Demi Lovato’s Instagram will give you all the information you need to decide whether she is thirsty/desperate for attention or not. The answer is yes, by the way. Her most current pictures are selfies that are sensual in nature. In her Halloween pictures, she is baring pretty much her entire bottom in fishnets and a leather thong bodysuit, even inappropriately touching a friend up against a cop car because she dressed up as a cop, I guess? But really it’s just a sexually inappropriate costume showing too much skin. Aren’t you supposed to be a role model for young girls, Demi? She has also had public feuds with stars like Taylor Swift, ex-BFF-turned-BFF-again Selena Gomez, and Mariah Carey, among others. Pretty much anything she can do to stay front and center she will do. Look at Snapchat if Instagram does not convince you. 

No need to click but #1 is Scott Disick and 2 Kardashians sisters. I get them, that’s there job but Demi? 

I don’t consider her a role model, I like her music, but I would never tell a young person to look up to her. Why too much luggage in her life. 

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Haha that pic Lovato posted today after Henry liked one of her posts. Now she posts a pic in lingerie because she thinks Henry is watching. Lol looney and desperate.

I did a quick look around, she was dating a girl,  MMA guy she deleted all his pictures, comes out say she is single. I can see trouble on the horizon… get kleenex boxes, ready girls.  She said big news coming. Anyone check the blinds out? Let’s look ladies!! 

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I wasn’t sure if you got my PM, so I’m sending in submission

This is Emoji anon. I think I need to clarify some things, JD. I was never trying to start a political discussion. On the contrary, considering MM’s Trump comments, IG incident w/ Melania, and interview with Pres.O, I was under the impression that saying that an associate of a non-political entity should not state political comments would be OK.

Both my grandfather and uncle served in the military, and with a husband-to-be stationed here, I was trained my whole life to respect the office, regardless of the person behind it. So I felt gaslighted and was disappointed when I saw that I was being called a delusional DM commentator, especially since I thought very highly of you. With my asks deleted and additional asks not being posted after the association with DM comment, I felt that you were no longer interested in my POV.

That’s why I went to Skippy, AHPF, and Felix. Yet, I see that they’re not posting or removing my comments as well. I’m well aware that this is YOUR blog and YOU have the right to express items that YOU see fit. However, with your readers and Skippy’s asking for clarification about my comments, I felt that I had an obligation to state what I mean. Yet, I felt like from your posts that I was being portrayed as a political commentator trying to go behind everyone and cause trouble.

With English being a second language for me, I’m very anxious about grammar. That’s why I stayed up till 4AM to post on your and Skippy’s site (if you check Korean Standard Time, which is same as Japanese Standard time, you would know what I mean). I’m not a liar nor a fraud. I just don’t understand what was so wrong about my comments. And with my comments removed from your blog, I had no choice but to go to others.

Your blog lent me a lot of strength when I was going through some rough patch. It’s not easy living in a country you really don’t want to be in for the sake of your loved one. I admired your passion and your faith in what you believe to be the truth. However, I’ve seen other anons attack you brutally and gaslight you as well, and I did sympathize with what you were going through.

While I’m not an insider nor a PR anon, there seem to be a lot of valuable anons who comes to your blog. Some stays, but some leave for whatever reason. I just hope the negativity you’ve encountered throughout this journey hasn’t influenced you into becoming the very reason some anons leave.

I will pray that God will heal your health troubles and bring you peace. God bless you and your family, JD. p.s. While I understand your viewpoint that some of the contents of my posts seem irrelevant to this mess, Samsung forged partnership with the Prince’s trust in 2012 (you can Google it). That’s why I mentioned its history when I mentioned Katalk. Also, I don’t know if you recall, but PW’s FIFA controversy involved SKorean gov as well. The common theme in the messages being sent seems to be that “this is NOT how things are done” and “there are more hands involved” than meets the eye. That’s why I talked about those companies and Korean media patterns extensively. This is not how things are done in Korean media either, and when they say “more hands,” it may really mean people beyond Tumblr’s wildest imagination.

Thank you, I did receive your PM, but you don’t follow me . This blog isn’t about politics, katalk.  Narrow your ask down to what we are talking about, Henry Cavill, Prince Harry, BRF. 

Since Henry Cavill News said he likes the photo because he also does bjj and called it “bjj family” it is safe to say he was just being nice. Girl he knows how messed up she is, he’s not looking for trouble. Definitely too much of a handful for Henry to consider dating, look Lucy was too much and Demi is so much worse.

Okay, I did point those less than good qualities, he loves BJJ and promotes it. Good for him!  I really believe he’ll be careful not to let things get out of control, like Lucy next time around. 

Guys, he is a grown man he is going to hook up occasional. That’s why I say dating really sucks. 

I appreciate your ask! JD 💙💙💙💙💙🌹

Wasn’t he great on the Gramham Norton show?  Come on he made you laugh, it’s funny😂😂😂