Since Henry Cavill News said he likes the photo because he also does bjj and called it “bjj family” it is safe to say he was just being nice. Girl he knows how messed up she is, he’s not looking for trouble. Definitely too much of a handful for Henry to consider dating, look Lucy was too much and Demi is so much worse.

Okay, I did point those less than good qualities, he loves BJJ and promotes it. Good for him!  I really believe he’ll be careful not to let things get out of control, like Lucy next time around. 

Guys, he is a grown man he is going to hook up occasional. That’s why I say dating really sucks. 

I appreciate your ask! JD 💙💙💙💙💙🌹

Wasn’t he great on the Gramham Norton show?  Come on he made you laugh, it’s funny😂😂😂


Yeah yeah since Henry Cavill liked the bjj pic and commented with his work Instagram I think that it is probably work related. Also Lovato got the blue belt 6 months ago and he just was aware of it, so no real knowing each other there. He was just being nice and also picking up new fans while at it. Henry is way too smart to get tangled with all of that baggage Demi Lovato has and he doesn’t like trouble.

Yes, no biggy he has always promoted Brasil martial arts.  Demi doesn’t follow him back. It’s okay, I pointed out what anon wanted to hear.  Martial arts is an excellent way to center yourself, more then great moves, but Demi is still his physical type that I won’t take back. 

They don’t know one another. 

Thank you 💙💙💙💙💙Henry Cavill ask 

Is it just me or is it weird that everyone is starting to comment on Demi’s ig telling her to date Henry?? In my opinion, he simply commented on her insta and followed her. Nothing more, nothing less. Why are people making such a big deal out of it????

I don’t know he commented cause Brasil martial arts, he does try to push it. That good for the sport, right? I wouldn’t read much into it. 

Thanks anon 💙💙💙💙💙Henrycavill ask 

Just a word of advice for Henry Cavill. Although he wants to accicuateceith orher celebs. Demi Lavato is not the person to befriend. It is nice that he congratulated her on her bjj blubelt but she has a lot of emotional and addiction issues and she is a very unstable person. Now she has her fan sites saying he should date her. Careful Henry you could end up with a stalker issue with this one. She is quite violent like how she pinched her back dancer and ended up in the assylum. Just be careful

I went and looked, and he is following her and sent her message. Henry’s got a type, and she fits that type physically. He likes women who fight and heavy on exercise, brunette, latino looking. It’s the exact opposite of pre-superman,  he was engaged to a blonde, Natalie was fair. 

Now Demi struggles with an eating disorder, was bullied badly in school, bi-sexual, depression, addiction, the music business is in the fast lane. 

Henry is a grown man, we have to wait and see, dating is not fun. It’s dreadful, Good luck Henners. 

Thank you, anon 💙💙💙💙

I miss Henry Cavill on this page 😢

I do chat about Cavill, we have been talking about him at Soho House relaunch, ugh terrible place.  He was pictured in a taxi with Wade Eastwood’s Wife.

This is what I need, will Henry be doing the reshoots on Nomis?  What movies will he work on next if MI6 ever finishes? When will the man from uncle start shooting? Has he signed for the man of steel 2? 

Thank you, anon 💙💙💙💙

Sorry JD I missed Henry Cavill thing? Who is Sam?

Hey, Sam Eastwood, wife of Wade Eastwood, the stunt guy. Apparently, she wants clients for her yoga business. This is narrative being sent, Henry doesn’t look surprised and waves. Sam seems disheveled and rough looking, I’ve seen better pictures of her.

 I wouldn’t recommend her as she tells people to work out on a bad hangover. 

The Eastwoods are employers of Lucy Cork, so it looks weird that Wade is not there. 

Thank you, anon for your ask! 

#henrycavill #sameastwood

Hello and welcome, We have a lot of fans that are wondering once and for all is Henry Cavill single? When will MI6 rap? Will he be doing reshoots for Nomis? What movie is he going to work on next? Thanks for the beautiful shots of Henry. Thanking you in advance, JD


Why hello!!! Thanks for your questions and of course for the sweet compliments.

I believe MI6 should be wrapped in December.
As far as Nomis; there’s no new information about reshoots since this past November. (Although I’m hoping it will be soon!)

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