Henrycavillcolombia on Twitter

Henrycavillcolombia on Twitter


Henry Cavill News deleted all post about Lucy 😂😂 I want to know why? That account it seem like her before but maybe they know something..

I think they are not together, I’ve received anon saying it will take awhile for the news to get out but some are resistant to this idea. They have sent me LC anons, I just don’t care. 

Thanks anon 💙💙💙💙💙

Hi I’m a new Henry Cavill stan (previously a Hiddleston) and just wanted to know offhand if he’s problematic at all? He seems sweet but I don’t mind hearing gossip

Henry is awesome, he is a little unlucky in the love department, but he is a good guy.  Actors are human, they are going make mistakes like the rest of us. Henry is well spoken, a little dorky💙, his dog is just about as famous as he is Kal the set dog.  Liked to drink beer and hang with friends.  

What’s not to love💙💙💙💙