Well I do have a feeling that Henry Cavill is a smart guy and that the penny has dropped for him and he does indeed know that Lucy is no good for him. But Lucy is hanging on to all she she dan leech off so until I see or hear something from Henry directly I will ignore all of Lucy Corks bullshit .

Thanks anon, He is a smart guy or he wouldn’t have come this far. I’m going enjoy the good thing about him.  To me, he’s is the sexiest most handsome guy in the world. I keep saying bring a link, screen grabs. nothing ever comes.


Henry Cavill and Lucy Cork on Blind Gossip website Gushy – Earlier this year, this well-known actor posted a loving statement about his girlfriend on social media. Everyone gushed about how sweet it was. It turns out…. he didn’t even write it! Her team wrote it, and she had access to his social media account and posted it. The post went wide so quickly that if he had tried to erase it after it posted, it would have raised questions and created even more problems, so he just left it. He was mad

Thanks for bringing it, we need the link. I’m having a hard time believing this after Dany Garcia was positive and ran with it. Trips to Spain, Italy, Florida that doesn’t sound like someone mad. We need more proof that she did this. How would any of you know that she got a hold of his phone?  Don’t you guys question this?  Come side chats with me.

We all knew there was something wrong with the post and we found it.

Cheap PR is always bD

https://www.instagram.com/p/BXIWcXYjZYG/?taken-by=lucycorkfan Ok JD girl this is getting totally ridiculous. Sam Eastwood is Wade’s wife I knew she was involved with this “fan” ig. Exploitation in the cheapest form. I think they like to create contravenes that because our keeps people talking.

of course, it does, you smash social media with constant talk whether it be good or bad. When people don’t talk then you’re dead. The DM articles are bad and the cost of running those is too expensive for 125 people to comment. He is not generating interest at all even with Lucy it’s all negative. He needs a hot model and not blow it. Henry Cavill needs to share the spot light which I know is hard for him to do. Stop telling the girl what he needs in bed any good girl is going to run like hell. What’s left exotic dancers and body guards?

thanks anon

Obvious PR

https://instagram.com/p/BW–KyaF37Y/ JD this is now laughable now their actual PR agent for Cowdray Park Polo Club is posting the same staged pics and tagging Henry. Wow what an obvious attempt though, bad style.

Actually, that happens all the time, PR is used for corporations to get the word out to mold an image of a company. Can’t think of a classier looking guy than Henry Cavill. They are staged all the time, makes you look at things differently now. Lot’s of freebies to be had, you scratch my back and I’ll do the same for you. Pippa used Victoria Beckhams PR for the wedding. Having the right branding is key.