No happy campers No happy campers here! Henry’s fave is like nope she is not the one

Wait till he finds out she’s been leaking shit to the internet. Oh by the way I got this 

Was she cheating on her boyfriend?? Henry doesn’t look thrilled, does he?



Here you are my darling JD she is in Ireland Oh yeah and before that she was at a wedding in Uk. She only stood in front of him at a cast group pic and some idiot on IG starting bsing then Sun ran with it. All sighting of him was alone in NZ

Thanks! Absolute rubbish reporting for a click. There is another article on DM that has them headed for a serious relationship, insert severe eye rolls. I didn’t want to bring it back here. If they used the words, canoodling, besotted or loved up you would hear me screaming.

I had anon from New Zealand that said he was such a nice guy and he likes his drink. What beer drinker doesn’t, he has said he like Guinness, I like it too. 

thanks so much

Little eye candy for a reward, and the Rock, Henry Cavill’s friend